6 Things to do in Glenhaven, NSW

image by realestate.com.au

If you’re looking for a place to live in the region, then your search is over! Glenhaven NSW offers an abundance of things to do with its nature reserves and parks. Here are 5 activities that will keep you busy:

  1. Visit the Glenhaven Wildflower Garden: If you want to take the fun to a whole new level, then this is your spot! The Glenhaven Wildflower Garden is a vibrant and colourful area that’s an escape from the city. Located in the middle of Sydney, explore over 700 species of wildflowers while you take in over 100 hectares of parkland.
  2. Take part in one of Australia’s most popular sports: You don’t have to go far for some friendly competition – just head down to Kentwell Park! There are plenty of spaces where people can play Australian Rules Football, so get out there with friends and family or even on your own. It really doesn’t matter what position you play as long as it’s fun!
  3. Have lunch with friends: It doesn’t matter what time of year – outdoor dining is always on trend! Whether you’re looking for sandwiches by the beach or burgers in tropical surroundings, there are plenty to choose from. Find yourself some sustenance before heading back into town because we have more activities coming up!
  4. Play with your kids in a park: It’s not all about you! It can be hard to find a place where the whole family can have fun, but we’ve got just the thing. Glenhaven has two parks that are perfect for kids and adults alike – so pack up your picnic blanket and take them out on this adventure together.
  5. Visit one of Sydney’s most famous attractions: Got some spare time? Why not stop by Taronga Zoo in Tarrawarra Road? You’ll get to see more than 500 species which is sure to keep everyone entertained! Plus there are plenty of animal encounters, outdoor exhibits and bus trips around the zoo itself too. Bring your camera because they’re always looking for new guests at photo opportunities like Australia’s Animal Hall Of Fame or their Rainforest Adventure.
  6. Sit back and relax with a coffee: Don’t forget that Glenhaven has some wonderful cafes too! Whether you’re looking for something sweet or savory, there’s plenty to choose from. For those who are watching their waistline then the ‘Skinny’ range of coffees is just what they need – but if not, there’s still plenty more on offer so it doesn’t have to be hard work choosing your favourite drink!