A Visit to St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Parramatta, NSW

You can’t go to Parramatta 2150 without seeing its most famous cathedral, St Patrick’s Cathedral. It is the largest Catholic Church in Australia with a capacity of 2,000 people and has been home to many important events including funerals for former prime ministers Gough Whitlam and Sir Robert Menzies.


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This beautiful building was built in 1854 by Charles D’Ebroiueaux as a memorial to Irish Catholics who died at sea on their way from Ireland during the Great Famine.

The first Mass was celebrated in 1855 and the church finally completed in 1862. The tower rises to a height of 106m, making it one of the tallest buildings in Parramatta’s CBD (Central Business District).

This iconic building was rebuilt in 1994 after a fire left it in ruins. it is located at the corner of Church Street and O’Connell Road, next to the Queen Victoria Building. It has a seating capacity for up to 2000 people in one day. The church also houses a chapel that can cater for weddings with 250 guests; or funerals that need 600 seats. There is plenty of parking available on-site if you drive there yourself so be sure to check out this amazing Parramatta landmark while you’re visiting!

You will see from the outside just how impressive this cathedral looks – but get ready when you step inside because it really takes your breath away with its beauty and splendor!

Built on its original site at Clarence Street at the southern end of Hyde Park, St Patrick’s Cathedral is situated next door to Sydney University with panoramic views from Martin Place to Circular Quay.

Nowadays there are 6000 Catholics who work or study within a five-kilometre radius – including many students from Australian Catholic University – but the parish continues to serve all people across Greater Western Sydney as well as visitors staying near Oxford Street hotels. In recent years, weekly masses have been held in Vietnamese every Friday and in Spanish every Sunday.

The church has a full-time Catholic Chaplain on staff who serves the needs of students and young people, including those from migrant communities that have their own Masses said in Italian, Polish or Arabic.

You can also visit St Patrick’s Cathedral to view its stained glass windows which are among Parramatta’s finest examples of ecclesiastical art created by renowned Australian artist Harry Potter. The centerpiece is an image of Christ as Judge at the Last Judgment with Pope Benedict XVI shown making an appeal for justice before him.