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Activities to do in Terrey Hills Oval in Terrey Hills, NSW 2084

The Terrey Hills Oval is a picturesque park in Terrey hills, Australia. It has many activities and events for the whole family to enjoy. From fitness classes to playing ping pong or chess with friends, there are plenty of ways you can spend your time here! Find out more about these activities and how you can join them below.

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Activities Here include:

Playing With Kids

There is a playground here for children to play on in Terrey Hills 2084. There are also benches set up throughout the park, so you can relax and watch your kids have fun while they explore.

Volunteering at Terrey Hills Oval

You can volunteer in this area by helping maintain the lawns! You will be given a uniform with instructions on what to do and how often it needs done, as well as any other rules or guidelines that need followed. This is an opportunity to meet new people who live around the oval too!

Organizing Events Here

If you would like there to be more events happening near Terrey hills Oval, then contact council! If enough people want one event organized then Council will see if they could make space available for it. They’ll speak with you about what event it would be and if there are any problems with the park that need solved.

Playing Ping Pong or Chess

This area has a table for people to play ping pong, as well as two benches across from each other where they can also play chess! It’s an enjoyable way of spending your time in Terrey Hills Oval.

Playing Tennis at Terrey Hills Oval

There is a tennis court here too so grab some friends and have fun playing doubles against them! This activity requires a permit which can be applied for online on council’s website. You’ll then get notified when it becomes available again after all permits were taken up last year but just make sure to check back regularly because this may change depending on the season.

Having BBQs with Friends

There are many areas with BBQs that people can use. They’re free to be used by anyone in the public, but remember not to leave any rubbish behind after you finish cooking!

Playing Basketball at Terrey Hills Oval

This area is a basketball court where two teams of five players can play against each other. It’s an excellent way for children and adults alike to get some exercise while having fun too! If there aren’t enough players then just find another friend or family member who wants to have a game and start playing! There will also sometimes be games organized here so keep your eyes peeled!