All You Need To Know About Ferndale Park Bushwalking Loop in Chatswood, NSW 2067

image by weekendnotes.com

You don’t have to travel far from Sydney’s bustling business district to find a place where you can get back in touch with nature. Ferndale Park Bushwalking Loop is the perfect spot for people who want to enjoy some quiet time on their lunch break or take a walk after work. It is now one of Sydney’s most frequented parks and has been lovingly cared for by generations of park-goers


In 1981, Ferndale Park Bushwalking Loop was opened for the first time. It was developed by the Sydney Bushwalker’s Association and it was originally designed for bushwalkers. The park is now open to everyone who wants to enjoy its natural beauty, most especially those living nearby!

What You Can Do There:

Hike- Ferndale Park offers a number of trails that are great for hikers of all levels. Choose from one trail or combine them together into an unforgettable hike through nature!

BirdWatch- Birdwatching enthusiasts can find many different species within the boundaries of Ferndale Park Bushwalking Loop. Spend some time looking out over calm water as ducks swim around on their way to their next destination. You may even see a pelican or two!

Play- The park is also home to tennis courts, basketball courts and an open field for playing soccer. Pick up a ball from the bin near the entrance of the trail head before you start your trek. There’s nothing like taking in some fresh air while having fun with friends!

Cycle- With cycling paths available throughout Ferndale Park Bushwalking Loop, why not take advantage of them? Bring your bikes out for one last ride during summer break before heading back to school this fall.

Features: With a well-defined walking trail running through it, this green space is perfect for people who want to spend some quiet time in nature during their lunch break or after work. The loop can also be extended with other trails if you’re looking to get more exercise!

Most Popular Time To Visit: Weekends are often busier than weekdays at Ferndale Park because there are so many different things to do here–you could go on a picnic, enjoy a game of cricket or tennis, fly kites, climb trees, or just relax

Ways to Get There: Ferndale Park is easy to access–just take the train and get off at Chatswood station. You can also drive there using public transit if you prefer (Ferndale Road)

Ferndale Park Bushwalking Loop is a breathtaking green space in Chatswood NSW 2067 that offers visitors the opportunity to spend some quiet time on their lunch break or after work. This article will introduce you to this beautiful bushwalking trail, and show you what makes it so special!