Amenities That Make Illawong A Good Place To Live

image by wikimedia.org

Illawong is a suburb of Caringbah, Australia. It is located in the Wollondilly Shire and has been rated one of the best places to live by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. What makes Illawong such a great place? Read on for some information that may convince you to relocate!


Illawong has a number of schools for children. There is Illawarra District High School, St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, and the Caringbah Public School.

Medical Facilities

Hospitals are close by to provide those with medical needs with quick access to care that they need! You can visit Appin Hospital or Wollondilly Private Hospital at your leisure if you become ill while living in Illawong.

Shopping Areas

If you’re looking for an opportunity to shop around then head on over to nearby suburbs like Menai or Bargo where there are plenty of shopping centres available including Coles Supermarket, Aldi Shopping Centre, Woolworths, and more! Apart from these, there are also plenty of corner stores and convenience shops to satisfy any shopping needs that you may have.


If banking is your thing then Illawong has a variety of banks such as the Commonwealth Bank, Westpac Banking Corporation, St George, and more!

Community Centre

This suburb isn’t short on community centres either with Club Menai at Illawarra District High School available for use by those who want some exercise or need a place to meet up with friends. If you’re looking for somewhere quieter though, take a walk in the nature reserve where it’s just you and Mother Nature without having to leave town!


Illawong is a safe suburb with some of the highest rates in Australia. Community policing provides security, protection, and safety to residents so that they can enjoy their time living here without any concerns.

Community Events

If you need something to do on a Friday night then head over to Illawarra District High School where there are plenty of community events happening! From theatre productions to live music concerts, this area has it all for those who want an evening out or have children looking for something new and exciting!

Public Transport

There is a bus stop located within walking distance of the suburb which provides transport to surrounding areas including Sydney, Parramatta, and more. If you’re travelling by car then there are plenty of parking spots for residents available in Illawong such as street spaces, parklands, or on-street parks!

Cycling Paths

There are trails all around Illawong, NSW that you can take advantage of if you’re looking for a new activity to try out. These paths include bike lanes and walking tracks so it’s possible to get your exercise in without having to worry about cars or traffic!

Neat Streetscape

The streetscape is beautifully maintained with lawns trimmed neatly, flowers planted on the footpaths, and plenty of street trees providing shade from hot summer days. Neighbours make an effort by tidying up their front yards as well which makes this area look even more vibrant than ever before!