Beautiful Parks in and Near Dundas Valley, Epping, NSW

image by wikimedia.org

These are just a few of the beautiful parks that you can find in and near Dundas Valley, Epping. We hope this list inspires you to explore these natural landscapes for yourself!

  • The Richmond Hill Heritage Park: This is a small park with two ponds that provides visitors with both wildlife viewing opportunities and opportunities to participate in water activities such as fishing or kayaking. The park also features your typical picnic tables, benches, and BBQ area. It is a popular destination for locals to come and enjoy a nice family outing.
  • The Epping Forest: Located in the southwest of Sydney, this park is in close proximity to Macquarie University. The forest features beautiful landscapes that are great for enjoying with friends or loved ones on those sunny days. It also has some historical sites such as an old water tank used by early settlers from 1822 until 1910 when it was decommissioned after being no longer needed.
  • BOTANICAL GARDENS SYDNEY: This botanical garden is home to over 700 species of native Australian plants which makes it perfect if you’re looking for somewhere peaceful to relax among nature while still feeling like you are exploring something new! You can even take a guided tour of the gardens.
  • The Observatory Park: This park features a small lake which is popular for fishing and boating as well as some beautiful picnic spots with lovely views. The observatory tower also provides you with panoramic views across Sydney Harbour, making it an ideal spot to visit if you’re feeling adventurous!
  • Lakeside Reserve: This reserve offers visitors two play areas in addition to trees that are perfect for climbing or enjoying the shade on those hot days. It has a large car park making it easy to get there too!
  • Cecil Hills Regional Park: If nature isn’t what brings your family fun then this park near Dundas Valley might be just the thing for everyone – Cecil Hill’s regional park has everything from cycling tracks to an adventure playground. It also has a lookout which gives you panoramic views over the area and is perfect for those days when you’re feeling adventurous!
  • The Jamison Valley: The valley features steep cliff faces overlooking Jamison Creek that offer visitors some beautiful natural landscapes to explore, as well as access to walking trails if you want an outdoor activity with less exertion.
  • Dundas State Forest: This forest offers families fun activities such as bike riding or bushwalking along scenic tracks while exploring nature – making it suitable for all ages and abilities. You’ll be able to spot animals on your walk too so don’t worry about having nothing interesting to look at!