Canoelands Orchard The Home of the Golden Delicious in North Sydney, NSW

image by timeout.com

Canoelands Orchard is a family-owned apple orchard in North Sydney NSW 2060. It was established by John and Margaret Canoe in the 1950s who ran it until they retired three years ago. The current owners are their sons: Richard, Robert, and David Canoe. They have two daughters: Tanya and Andrea who also help out at the farm during harvest time.

The first apples from this orchard were sold in 1959 to a baker named Mr Oliver for making pies; all he wanted was Golden Delicious apples! Nowadays we sell our fruit to supermarkets like Woolworths, Coles and Aldi as well as specialty stores such as Fresh Fruit Market which has branches throughout Australia.

The farm’s main variety is the Golden Delicious which is sought by consumers for its sweetness and crispy texture. It can be eaten as soon as it ripens or after being left to mature on the tree; this will give you an even sweeter taste with less acidity!

Apart from being the home of the Golden Delicious, Canoelands Orchard also has a small selection of other apple varieties. Other types available are: Granny Smith (sharp and tangy), Red Delicious (a little tart) Pink Lady (sweet-tart flavour); these apples have different textures from their skin to their flesh depending on how long they’ve been stored.

This farm is a tourist destination and welcomes visitors all year round. There is a restaurant, tasting room and shop on site which sells apple products such as jam, pies and sauces.

Canoelands Orchard also offers guided tours of the farm by appointment at weekends throughout most months in the year (except July-August). These are an excellent way to learn about how this orchard operates!