Everything You Need To Know About Clyde, NSW

image by wikimedia.org

Clyde is a neighbourhood of Parramatta in New South Wales, Australia. It is situated on the banks of the Macquarie River, and has a population of about 1,600 people. Clyde, NSW was founded after extensive rains had made farming difficult in 1838 – it started off as an agricultural centre but soon became known for its wool industry. The town itself was named by Edward Stone Parker who thought that ‘Clyde’ would be a nice name because he had just come from Glasgow in Scotland!

The wool industry was crucial to Clyde’s economic and social development during this time – it led to an influx in population, as well as more houses being built for those living there. The town became known as “the Manchester of Australia” because of its booming production at this time!

Clyde had a problem with the water supply because it was situated on the Macquarie River. It wasn’t until 1867 when they built and opened a reservoir, which provided them with enough water to last for two years!

The town’s population began to decline in the late 1800s as industries moved away from Clyde – one of these may have been due to an explosion at Clyde Woollen Mills that killed six people. The wool industry had also lost its popularity by this point so there were fewer jobs available, and many families relocated out of the area.

In 1902-03, during Federation celebrations, Queen Alexandra toured Australia and visited Parramatta where she unveiled what is now called “Queen Alexandra Fountain” – this fountain has since become an icon in Clyde!

The name Clyde originated from the town’s location on this river. The word means “the winding one” in Gaelic, and is a common surname of those living there (and also for all Scots).

In 1950 it was amalgamated with Parramatta City Council but still retains some semi-urban character. In recent years many new houses have been built in or near Clyde as Sydney continues its expansion westwards. This place boasts a very picturesque location and is a great place to live.

Is Clyde A Good Place To Live?

Clyde is one of the best places to live in NSW and is a great place for those looking to buy property. Property prices have increased over the last few years, with houses now being sold at an average of $450,000! There are different types of housing available in Clyde, including apartments and houses on small blocks of land. There are also great transport links – there is a train station about five minutes’ walk away from the CBD as well as buses which run throughout the area.

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