Exciting facts about North Sydney Oval in NSW

North Sydney Oval is one of the most iconic sporting grounds in Australia. It has hosted a number of memorable moments, from being the first rugby league ground to host an Ashes test match in 1908, to hosting its first Australian Rules football match in 1882. The oval was even used as a military base during World War II for soldiers who were stationed at Garden Island and White Bay Power Station! If you’re looking for exciting facts about this historic stadium in North Sydney area, then look no further than our list below.

image by northsydney.nsw.gov.au

  • North Sydney Oval was built on land which had been occupied by three previous ovals: Cumberland Oval (1867), Prince Alfred Park (1871) and Victoria Park (1881).It is the only one of these ovals to survive.
  • The first match played on this new oval was a school football game between Sydney Grammar School and Fort Street Public School, played under rugby rules (Victoria Park being used for cricket). Cumberland Oval had not been constructed by that point.
  • James Jnr & Edwin Denny, who were owned the land North Sydney Oval now stands upon, donated it to the New South Wales Rugby Football League in 1907 so they could host rugby league matches at both their club grounds (the other ground being Redfern Oval) ̶ something which is still done today! Their brother Charles Denny also gave them $500 towards constructing a fence around what would become known as Rosedale Oval, which would become the team’s headquarters.
  • The Sydney Cricket and Sports Ground Trust, who had taken over ownership of North Sydney Oval in 1977 after it was first built, began making plans to demolish this historic stadium ̶ when a public campaign against it went viral! Eventually they agreed to sell the land back into private hands for $14 million so that redevelopment could take place without losing one of Australia’s most iconic sporting grounds.
  • North Sydney Oval has been home to some notable sports leagues, such as the National Rugby League and A-League.
  • It has also been home to the Sydney Roosters, Easts and Souths rugby league clubs ̶ who are all located in North Sydney.
  • There have only been three Australian Test cricket matches played there, but over 100 first grade rugby union games before those were moved to Allianz Stadium (formerly known as Telstra Stadium).
  • It has also been used for a number of other sports events: cricket nets and training facilities were built in 1983 so that Test players could practise during Australian winter; it is currently home to the NSW Waratahs rugby union team who reside within New South Wales’ geographical footprint; while the NRL Touch Football Grand Final will be hosted here next month!