Explore Terry’s Creek Bushwalk in Epping, NSW

image by parraparents.com.au

Terrys Creek Bushwalk is an easy, half-day bushwalk in the beautiful suburb of Epping, NSW. The track has been designed for people with disabilities and children in mind and it’s suitable for any age group. You can take a leisurely stroll through the forest, visit some natural rock pools or choose to explore on your own in Epping!

The track starts off at the Terrys Creek Community Centre and takes you through a forest of different eucalyptus trees with plenty of open areas to stop for a rest. There are also some natural rock pools that make for an interesting break from walking! The walk is about 600m in length, so it’s a perfect day trip if you live nearby or want something easy after work.

It can be quite busy on weekends because this is one of Sydney’s most popular bushwalks but during weekdays there will only be occasional groups passing by – allowing for your own personal exploration time! A map has been provided near the entrance to help show where all the sights are located along the way. It would take around two hours to walk the whole track (40 minutes each way).

This is a great spot for the whole family – you can take your kids to explore on their own or push them in a wheelchair. There are also some picnic areas if you want to pack lunch and stay out all day!

Some of the highlights of visiting the park include:

  • The beautiful tree canopy with plenty of picnic tables and elegant eucalyptus trees.
  • A natural rock pool a little further down the track which is perfect for dipping your tired feet!
  • Bird watching – there are many different species that call this area home, including colorful finches and noisy crows!

Terrys Creek Bushwalk is open from sunrise to sunset every day of the year so you can visit at any time without worrying about paying an entry fee or booking in advance. It would be best to wear sturdy shoes because it’s quite rocky in parts but otherwise pretty flat. There’s also some bike parking available if you want to cycle along on another day!

If you’re visiting Sydney, be sure to include Terry’s Creek Bushwalk on your list of things to do! It’s a great place for families with small children and wheelchair users. The natural rock pools are also perfect if you want some time out in nature without too much exercise involved. And it doesn’t matter how old or young you are – everyone can enjoy this easy bush walk!