Facts About Cammeray, NSW

image by goodmigrations.com

Cammeray, NSW is a suburb in North Sydney that has been named after the Scottish town of Campbelltown. It was originally used as a summer retreat for wealthy people who had houses on The Esplanade and at Balmoral Beach. Today it’s home to many different kinds of people and businesses, but still retains its charm as one of the most desirable suburbs in North Sydney.

If you’re thinking about moving to Cammeray, or if you just want more information before making your decision, then this blog post is for you! In this article we’ll be looking at 14 facts about Cammeray NSW – from where it’s located to what kind of housing options are available there and much more!

  • Cammeray is located in the North Sydney area, just north of Balmoral Beach.
  • It’s mostly a residential suburb and there are only a few commercial properties to be found. There are also plenty of local parks for residents and visitors alike to enjoy – Blackman Park has formal gardens as well as ovals for cricket or football; Kuring-gai Chase National Park stretches along the northern border with Lane Cove River providing bushwalking opportunities through thick gums tall eucalypts and sandstone escarpments which date back 300 million years! There’s even a golf course if you’re feeling competitive! If these activities don’t interest you then perhaps take your family down to The Esplanade and enjoy the sun, sand and surf.
  • Cammeray is well-serviced by public transport with a bus service that runs through Lane Cove Tunnel to Central station in Sydney CBD.
  • It’s also located near major highways like the M11 which make it easy for commuters to travel all over Greater Sydney as well as access international airports and motorways. If you’re thinking of driving then there are plenty of parking options at your disposal – from street parking up on The Esplanade or Balmoral Beach Road where rates range between $0.40-$0.90 per hour; reserved car spaces available for residents only just off Commonwealth Parade; or opt for one of two multi-level car parks: Blackman Park Shopping Centre for $0.90 per hour; or Cammeray Shopping Centre for the same rates.
  • The median price of houses in Cammeray is just under $590,000 which means you’ll need a very healthy deposit to purchase one! This includes not only your typical mortgage repayment but also additional costs like land tax and strata fees.
  • There are lots of different housing types available too – from terrace homes with two bedrooms up to five-bedroom homes on larger blocks of land (there’s even some acreage properties if you have plenty of money!). Even though they’re more expensive than apartments in the area, many people prefer buying detached houses because it gives them more room, privacy and security for their families.