Fun Facts about Farm Cove, Sydney NSW

Farm Cove NSW is a beautiful neighborhood area in Sydney, Australia. It is a tidal inlet and shallow bay separated from Sydney Cove by Bennelong Point, New South Wales, Australia. It is a good place to visit to enjoy a walk in the park, or for some quiet time.

image by wikimedia.org

If you are looking to buy real estate in Sydney, considering places near Farm Cove is an excellent option with fantastic views of Sydney Harbour and easy access to nearby parks. The area has plenty of natural beauty with tall trees creating shaded paths among more open spaces where people can enjoy picnics, sports, and other activities.

The area is also great for children with plenty of playgrounds and open spaces to run free without the busy traffic that can be found in some Sydney locations. Farm Cove has a number of cafes, restaurants, and shops nearby as well so you never have to worry about getting hungry or running out of things to do.

Farm Cove is well-connected to public transport and it’s easy to travel from Farm Cove into the city or get around Sydney with a bike. There are plenty of affordable properties in Farm Cove for all budgets so you should have no problem finding someplace that suits your needs.

People looking for apartments might find it easy to find a great place near the bay. It’s an excellent spot for taking care of business while still being able to enjoy Sydney without worry about traffic or parking problems.

Farm Cove is a beautiful, bustling neighborhood area with plenty of natural beauty and nearby parks that make it easy to live life outside in comfort. There are also lots of cafes, restaurants, and shops nearby so you never have to worry about getting hungry or running out of things to do.

Here are a few fun facts about this area:

  • Farm Cove is named after farmlands that used to be located here before the land was reclaimed for port development and industrial use. It was also home to a coal mining operation from 1875 until 1981, one of the last mines shut down by Prime Minister Bob Hawke’s.
  • Farm Cove has been used as a location in many TV series and movies including Home & Away, Underbelly and City Homicide
  • It was originally known as Queensborough until 1879 when it was renamed by Governor Macquarie.
  • There are 11 streets that make up this suburb – they are named after Governors General from Queen Victoria’s reign.
  • The local council office handles issues like garbage collection, recycling bins, street lights and public toilets.