Mary Mackillop Place A Historical Must-Visit Destination in North Sydney, NSW

image by mgnsw.org.au

Mary Mackillop Place is a historical site that is perfect for any history buff or anyone who enjoys beautiful architecture. This place was the home of Mary Mackillop, an Australian nun and one of Australia’s most famous Catholic saints.

The building itself dates back to 1883 and has been preserved beautifully since it opened as a museum in 1964. It features exhibits about her life, including her work with Aboriginal Australians and the establishment of schools throughout rural Australia. There are four floors to explore which include interactive areas like face painting stations for children, so you never have to worry about being bored!

The National Trust of Australia has also been working on restoring this site in North Sydney NSW as much as possible to its original form. It is one of only two places Mary Mackillop lived with her parents and so it holds many memories from her life. This place isn’t just great because of what’s inside, but also because you can go outside and explore the historical gardens that surround this building.

There are four different parks all located within walking distance which offer peace and quiet away from busy lives or even playgrounds if you have kids who need some attention. The North Sydney Women’s Memorial project was completed about five years ago which is a beautiful tribute to the women who fought for peace and equality in this country.

It is easy to get around as there are regular buses that will take you from one spot to the next or if you prefer, it’s not hard at all just find your way on foot. It’s never too late of an hour either! Evenings bring out their own unique charm with street performers dancing through town while everyone else enjoys drinks outdoors. There are also plenty of small cafes nearby which sell some delicious treats like cakes and sandwiches when you need more than water after exploring North Sydney.

This place is a must for any visit to North Sydney and will satisfy anyone’s curiosity about her life. It features parks, playgrounds, a cafe, and more. Regardless of what you love doing, this place has something for everyone.

Things to do

There are many things to do in this place, including:

  • Checking out exhibits
  • Enjoying snacks at the cafe
  • Checking out a show in the theater space (there are concerts and performances year round)
  • Playing games on one of three levels, including an art room for kids!

This place also has two big parks that you can explore with your family or friends. There is so much to do here, and I hope it will be enjoyed by many people regardless of the season!