Crucial Questions To Ask A Pet Removals Company

dog being movedWhen you are planning to move from you Sydney home to another destination, your pet is a member of the family you cannot afford to leave behind. There are some details you need to consider before moving with your pet, but the most important goal is to ensure it safely makes it to your new home.

Pets are created to adapt to any environment, and, you should, therefore, not worry about the climatic conditions of your new place. The setting might be challenging at first for the animal just like it will be to you, but you can stay lest assured that things would be normal in no time.

Choosing the Right Pet Removalists For You

Your pet is one of the most precious of cargoes; thus you cannot trust just anyone to move it, whether you are travelling two miles or 2000 miles. Whether you have furry family members or not, a pet removal service is the best option for you. A good company will handle all the details on your behalf and ensure your pet reaches safely to your new residence.

Make sure the company you choose is familiar with your current and your new destination. The following are some of the questions you should seek answers to before selecting the pet removalist of your choice.

How many years have you been transporting pets?

Do not take chances by working with a new removalist, especially when you are moving to another state or in the furthest part of Sydney. Go for experience. Seek to understand how long the removalist have transported pets, and determine whether the expert has passed the test of term. Having been in business for long means that the professional has carried thousands of pets; hence you can trust him with yours.

Are you licensed, insured, and bonded?

Working with a licensed pet removalist means that you are working with a person performing legitimate business. Do not work with one who will be adamant to prove that he is indeed licensed since you will risk losing your dear pet forever.

What if something happens to your pet in the moving process? Would you be compensated? Give the best to your pet by ensuring that you only consider those professionals who can show proof that they have your pet covered in case the unexpected happens.

How long will it take for my pet to get to the new home?

This is a crucial question. Your pet is a member of your family and should not arrive days after you do. This is why you need to ask all the professionals you go to how long it will take for your pet to come to your new home, and only go for one who will assure you of timeliness.

Am I assured that my pet will be fed on the way?

You don’t want a situation where your pet will be kept hungry throughout the journey. You need a professional who will assure you that the animal will be fed with enough food on the way.

Can you provide me with a copy of your company policies and procedures?

Yes, seek to understand the policies and procedures of the pet removals company of your choice so that you can learn who you are working with and the situation you have gotten yourself into. Understand how they do things so that you can determine whether you are making the best decision for your pet.

What do I need to pack for my pet?

Ask about the essentials you need to carry for your pet. A good pet removals company will ask you to pack;

  • Medication
  • The new pet identification tag
  • The pet’s favourite toys
  • Food and water
  • Medical records
  • Pet vehicle restraint
  • Poop bags
  • Cargo covers

Nobody likes hassles especially when it comes to moving. Make sure you choose the best pet removals company that will fit your needs and ensure comfortable transit for your beloved pet.

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