Protecting the Environment The Ryde Hunters Hill Flora & Fauna Preservation Society in NSW

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The Ryde Hunters Hill Flora & Fauna Preservation Society is an organisation that aims to preserve the natural environment of Ryde, New South Wales. They are a not-for-profit organisation and are always looking for people who want to get involved in helping them. Ryde Hunters Hill Flora & Fauna Preservation Society is one of the points of interest in Ryde, NSW, and one of the best attractions you should visit if you are in the area.


The Ryde Hunters Hill Flora & Fauna Preservation Society was established in 1992 and has been a strong advocate for the preservation of flora, fauna and natural spaces near Ryde, NSW. Originally they set out to protect the habitat of local native animals from development and have since grown into an organisation that is committed to protecting all life forms throughout Ryde.

The society also promotes sustainable living as well as conservation awareness through art exhibitions, workshops on sustainability issues, studies about ecological systems in urban environments, lectures by experts on ecology-related topics, presentations on environmental education programs conducted by schools or other organisations.

As part of their work with children’s educational programmes they offer free tours focused specifically around our native flora and fuana species which are led by qualified guides. This is a great way for children to learn about our local environment and how these species are all interconnected, as well as what they can do in their own backyard to help preserve the natural world.

Some of Ryde Hunters Hill Flora & Fauna Preservation Society’s achievements include:

  • The creation of an urban ecology park at Nelson Bay Road Reserve with over 2500 native plants growing there;
  • Removal of invasive weeds from Ardmore Street Parklands which has been restored back into bushland, returning it to its original condition before European settlement;
  • Working with schools on environmental education programs including sustainability studies workshops and activities such as seed collection trips.


The Ryde Hunters Hill Flora & Fauna Preservation Society has a number of activities that they are involved in, including:

  • Regularly working with schools on environmental education programs such as sustainability studies workshops and seed collection trips.
  • Holding art exhibitions for local artists to showcase their work. In the past this has included pieces by members of the society who produce paintings or photographs which depict wildlife native to Ryde.
  • Encouraging sustainable living through practical demonstrations at events like Ecofest 2012 where people could learn how to compost, reduce food waste and save water. Some have even taken up beekeeping! These projects were shared throughout Sydney so more people can take part in making our city greener. They also offer tips about recycling household items into new objects, something everybody can do to help reduce waste and save our planet.
  • Working with other organisations in Ryde including the City of Sydney, on environmental projects. These include a ‘Go Green’ campaign which was run during National Tree Day last year for schools that focused on recycling paper and aluminium cans as well as planting trees. Visit this amazing place today and be part of the change!