Reasons Why Families Love Living in Rooty Hill, NSW

image by wikimedia.org

Rooty Hill, NSW is a small suburb in Blacktown, Australia. It’s located in the southwest of Sydney and has a population of about 10,000 people. The average family here earns $130,000 per year which is quite high for an area that size. There are many factors that contribute to why families love living here including its close proximity to schools and shops as well as its beautiful parks.

This blog post will explore 11 reasons why Rooty Hill is such an appealing place for young families with children to live!

Its Close to Blacktown City Centre

Rooty Hill is close to the city centre of Blacktown and many families who live here simply walk to town for groceries. There are also plenty of shops close by that offer fresh produce as well as a variety of other items you may need on a regular basis.

The Area is Safe

Rooty Hill has an excellent reputation with regards to safety; there were only three robberies in the last six years! This makes it one of the safest suburbs in Sydney which means parents can rest easy when their kids play outside or visit friends nearby without having to worry about them running into any trouble.

Plus, The Schools Are Close By!

There are two primary schools within walking distance from Rooty Hill residents – Clemton Park Public School and Rooty Hills Public School – while students of Rooty Hill High School have to take the bus or train. But, with only a two-kilometre walk separating schools and residents, it’s not too far of a commute!

It Has Beautiful Parks

Rooty Hill is home to plenty of parks for families who live here including One Tree Park which features soccer pitches as well as an outdoor swimming pool. There are tennis courts at Clemton Reserve near the primary school so kids can get out some energy while adults enjoy their coffee on weekends. Plus there are playgrounds throughout town if you’re looking for places to let your children play outside!

The Neighbourhood Feels like Home This might be because Rooty Hill has such friendly neighbours – many people living in the area have been there for 20 years or more which means you can’t help but feel at home. And, with the influx of young families in recent years, Rooty Hill is feeling like a really family-friendly community!

The Schools Offer Exciting Opportunities

There are plenty of opportunities for kids to get excited about learning – they might attend an enrichment program that goes beyond what’s offered by their daytime school. Or take part in sports and recreational activities through organizations such as Rooty Hill Netball Club and Blacktown Junior Cricket Association. Plus, there are many academic scholarships available that provide financial assistance to students who excel academically while living here!