Reasons Why Oatlands is a Great Place to Live

image by wikimedia.org

This is your chance to live in one of the best places around. Oatlands, NSW offers a safe environment for families with children and has plenty of room for everyone. If you are looking for great schools, low crime rates, and easy access to transport then this is the place for you!

Below are some of the reasons why this place is amazing!

There Are Lots of Green Spaces

in Oatlands, you will find countless parks and green spaces that are perfect for kids. There’s plenty of room to play, picnic, or just enjoy the scenery!

There Is a Great Variety of Homes

whether you’re looking for new construction or something more traditional Oatlands has it all. With so many different styles to choose from, there is sure to be one that suits your taste perfectly.

It Has Low Crime Rates

Oatlands is the safest place in NSW with some of the lowest crime rates around! You can feel safe walking down any street at night without fear as crimes like robbery and assault are rare here. It’s also an easy commute into Sydney if ever needed making this location ideal no matter what age group you belong to!

The Schools Are Great

Oatlands is home to some of the best schools in NSW, which means that education will never be a cause for concern. With different levels and subjects available there’s something for everyone! You’re also just minutes from local universities like Macquarie University or Sydney University should you ever need another level of study.

It’s Close To City Life

If you want to live on one side of the world but not have to miss out on all life has to offer then this location may be perfect for you. It can take as little as 25 mins by car into downtown Sydney and those with public transport don’t even have to settle because bus routes make it easy too! You’ll never feel far away no matter what your goal is!

It Has Lots of Events

Oatlands is home to some amazing events that are perfect for the entire family! Whether it be a Pirate Party, Easter Egg Hunt, or Christmas Parade there’s always something happening throughout the year.

It Is Close To Nature

If you want trees and animals just outside your backyard then this location may be perfect for you. Just minutes from beautiful parks with children’s play equipment or cycling trails Oatlands has nature at every turn! You’ll never feel far away no matter what your goal is! And if you’re looking for more than just green spaces there are plenty of shopping malls nearby too. The variety is endless in Oatlands so make sure to stop by today and see all we have on offer!