Reasons Why Westleigh, NSW is a Great Place to Live

image by northshoremums.com.au

Westleigh, NSW has a lot to offer and is an ideal place for families. The local schools are excellent and there are plenty of opportunities for employment. With so many things to do in the city, it’s easy to stay occupied with friends and family members alike! Below are some of the reasons why Westleigh is such a great place to live:

There are affordable houses

Westleigh has some of the most affordable houses in the country. With little cost of living, it’s easy to save for a future investment or purchase.

The schools are excellent

Westleigh has some of the best school systems in all of Australia and there are plenty of options for families with children at different grade levels. The local public schools rank high on national tests every year and have lots of extracurricular activities that keep kids engaged.

There are many opportunities for employment

Westleigh is one of the most diverse cities in NSW because everyone can find their niche here! There are so many industries within the city, from catering to construction – you’ll be able to find an opportunity no matter what your trade may be! Plus, unemployment rates remain lower than average due to the constant growth of the city and a diverse group of people to work with.

The climate is perfect for any season

With four distinct seasons, it’s never too difficult to find something fun in Westleigh! The average rainfall here is less than that of Sydney or Melbourne which makes this an ideal destination during those rainy months. In addition, summers are warm but not too hot while winters provide plenty of snow for families who love skiing and other outdoor activities. There’s no bad time when living in Westleigh!

Westleigh has some amazing eateries

If you’re looking for somewhere new to try out dinner tonight, look no further because there are so many places offering delicious meals at reasonable prices. From Indian food to seafood – you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to eating out!

Westleigh is a safe, quiet neighbourhood

With so many people living in close proximity and friendly neighbours, Westleigh offers great safety options. There are plenty of law enforcement officers on the street making sure everyone stays within code and there’s little need to worry about crime happening near you because most crimes happen elsewhere – just ask any local! If you’re looking for more peace than other cities offer, this might be the one that’ll work best for your family.