Reasons you’ll love living in Crows Nest, North Sydney

image by visitsydneyaustralia.com.au

What makes Crows Nest, North Sydney so great? This is a question that many people ask themselves when they are looking for a new place to live. There are plenty of factors that contribute to the desirability of living in this area. The suburb has a very high quality of life and it’s close proximity to the harbour make it an exciting location for those who want their home to be near beautiful views. We have outlined eight reasons why you’ll love living in Crows Nest, North Sydney!

A variety of green spaces

There are many parks and green spaces in the area. This is essential for a healthy lifestyle; spending time outdoors, getting exercise and relieving stress get so much easier when you live in an area with such nice public open spaces.

Easy access to transport links

The Crows Nest train station provides easy access to the Sydney CBD. The suburb’s location also means that it has very good bus connections which will take residents into North Sydney or towards Chatswood where they can continue their journey on rail services from there too!

Child-friendly schools close by

Many of the schools around this neighbourhood are popular amongst parents because they have great teachers who truly care about students’ education and wellbeing. There are plenty of options nearby including: Saint Vincent de Paul Catholic College, North Sydney Boys High School and Beacon Hill Girls’ High schools.

A diverse range of homes on offer

There are a number of houses for sale that cater to various budgets in this area. There is something available for everyone who wants to live here – from small apartments through luxury waterfront properties all the way up to modern mansions with extravagant features like pools or tennis courts!

An easy commute into the CBD

Many people also choose Crows Nest because it’s one of the most convenient locations when commuting into downtown Sydney. You’re close enough without being too far away so you can enjoy some peace but not be too isolated out in suburbia either. Plus many residents find that they save money by living outside central areas where prices are more affordable.

An active community spirit

Crows Nest is a suburb with an active and friendly neighbourhood that’s constantly organising events together. They do everything from holding regular coffee mornings to arranging city tours on the weekend or running local garden competitions during springtime! There are so many ways for residents of Crows Nest, North Sydney to share in their collective experiences – it makes this area really unique and special as well as giving people more opportunities to meet new friends or develop old ones too