The Benefits of Living in Wentworthville, NSW

image by wikimedia.org

The Wentworthville neighborhood is a suburb in the City of Parramatta, New South Wales. It was named after Charles Wentworth, the first European settler to farm on that land in 1794. He built his home there and called it “Wentworth Hall”. The area has since grown into an urban center with approximately 10,000 residents.

There are many benefits of living in this area, including:

Plenty of employment opportunities

Getting employment in Wentworthville is easy due to the many job opportunities that currently exist.

Most people can find employment at restaurants, grocery stores, retail shops, and other places in Wentworthville.

A nice community

The residents of this area are known as very friendly and welcoming to newcomers. The neighborhood also has a strong sense of community which contributes to its benefits for living here: From churches and schools to parks and recreation centers; there’s always something happening in Wentworthville!

Some low-cost housing options

Wentworthville offers some unique affordable housing options including renting apartments or purchasing homes with little money down requirements on home loans provided by the government agencies such as Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. These programs offer lower interest rates than traditional mortgages.

A large variety of housing options

There are more than just affordable rental apartments or cheap houses for sale in Wentworthville. This neighborhood is also home to some high-end properties such as the golf course estates called “The Links”. The wide selection makes it possible for residents to find homes they can afford without having to move too far from family and friends. There’s something here for everyone!

Public transportation

The public transport in Wentworthville is excellent, with buses and trains running all day every day. This makes it easy to get around the city without driving a car. Residents can also subscribe for discounted monthly or annual bus passes that are affordable and convenient!

Excellent schools nearby

Residents have access to four major primary school districts: Parramatta, Blacktown, Auburn City Councils; as well as three secondary school districts: Westmead (Auburn), Seven Hills (Blacktown), and North Rocks (Parra). These schools offer high-quality education at an affordable cost of living within a short commute from home.

Safe neighborhood spaces

There’s plenty of green space available in this neighborhood such as Wentworthville Nature Reserve, which is a haven for birds and other wildlife. Residents also have access to playgrounds, parks as well as many sport leagues that are available in the area.

Many shopping areas

Wentworthville NSW has a large shopping area with many grocery stores, restaurants, shops, and other places to shop that are within walking distance.