Things to do in Bella Vista, NSW

image by wikimedia.org

Bella Vista, NSW is a neighbourhood of Blacktown, NSW. It has a great range of activities to enjoy. If you want to reconnect with your partner, take the time for some relaxation by going for a walk or jogging around the beautiful parklands. There are also plenty of cafes and restaurants where you can grab breakfast or lunch while enjoying views over the magnificent Warringah Mall!

Other Amazing Things To Do Include:

Go to a park

There are many parks in Bella Vista, NSW. These range from the small but fantastic Warringah Mall Park to bigger ones like Dangar Place Reserve and the wonderful Warringah Golf Course.

Visit a cafe or restaurant

There are plenty of cafes in Bella Vista, NSW for you to enjoy your morning coffee with some cake or if lunch is more what you’re after then there are many restaurants offering delicious meals at affordable prices!

Go on a walk around Warringah Mall

Warringah Mall has hundreds of shops from clothes, shoes, and accessories to furniture, electronics and even entertainment like movies and plays. It’s also home to two supermarkets that offer everything under one roof so it’s the perfect place for shopping! When not out doing errands grab an ice cream from any of the cafes nearby – they all have something different but no matter which flavour it will be delicious!

Explore some history!

Warringah mall was established by local community members in 1887 as an outdoor shopping precinct with vegetable gardens on one side and two parallel covered walkways on the other. It has since been transformed into an amazing centre for business, recreation, family entertainment, and retail therapy. In addition to being home to Australia’s first suburban department store, it also houses huge 24-hour supermarkets, a golf course, and many other great attractions

Enjoy a Picnic

Warringah Mall is the perfect location for a picnic, especially in winter. It has plenty of space outdoors and inside to spread out your blanket or rug while enjoying a hot chocolate and some muffins from one of the many cafes around!

Watch A Movie

Warringah Mall has two cinemas that show a range of movies to suit everyone’s needs. If you’re feeling adventurous though why not check out the other nearby entertainment like live theatre, concerts, or even comedy shows!

Go to Your Favourite Club and Grab A Drink

If you want to enjoy a drink or two at the end of a long day then Bella Vista has you covered. There are plenty of nightclubs, bars, and pubs to choose from that will suit everyone’s taste!