Things to do in North Bondi Lookout in Bondi NSW 2026

image by tripadvisor.com

North Bondi Lookout is a great location for people who love the outdoors. This area is known for its lush greenery and beautiful views. It’s also popular among tourists looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. There are many activities to do in North Bondi lookout, such as:


If you love being outdoors and exploring in Bondi 2026 then hiking is for you. There are many different trails around North Bondi lookout to choose from including the challenging ‘Govetts Leap’ trail. Don’t forget to pack your lunch and water.

Bridal Veil Falls Walk

The Bridal veil falls walk, a 100m return track that features some of Sydney’s most spectacular coastal views, offers visitors an opportunity to find some solitude in the often crowded coast of North Bondi lookout.


If you’re a surfer, you’ll love this place! With favourable conditions all year round it’s one of Sydney’s best surfing location and there are many surf schools to choose from who can help get you up on your feet quickly. Also, don’t forget to spend some time on the beach, it’s a beautiful place with many interesting things going on.

Nature Walks

North Bondi lookout is a great place for nature walks. There are many different trails around the area to choose from including ‘Govetts Leap’ and the challenging walk, ‘Bridal Veil Falls Walk’.


If you love exploring then bushwalking is perfect for you! North Bondi lookout features many trails which will lead visitors in unique directions through beautiful scenery that can’t be found anywhere else. Also, there are many different walks to choose from including the challenging ‘Govetts Leap’ trail.


For people who love being on the water, kayaking in North Bondi lookout is a great idea! There are three locations around Bondi that offer this activity and if you’re inexperienced then it’s best to go with an experienced company because conditions can change quickly here.

Coastal Walk

If you enjoy coastal walking then North Bondi lookout is perfect for exploring beautiful views such as Govetts leap, Bridal Veil falls walk, Middle Head Natural Park or even Coogee Beach which is only 18km away. It features some of Sydney’s most spectacular coastline so it has something for everyone!

Cycling (mountain biking)

One of Sydney’s best kept secrets: North Bondi lookout has some amazing cycling tracks with plenty of options for all levels of bikers. The views here provide an experience like no other so come explore this hidden gem today!