Things to do in West Ryde, New South Wales

West Ryde is a suburb in Ryde, Australia. It has a vibrant and diverse community that offers many opportunities for visitors to enjoy themselves. Whether you are visiting West Ryde for business or pleasure, there are plenty of things to do. Here is our top our ultimate list:

  • image by wikimedia.org

    Have fun at a park: There are many parks in West Ryde. You can have fun at a park by playing sports, walking your dog, or just relaxing and watching the kids play.
  • Shop for groceries: The local shopping centre is full of fresh produce from Australia’s top suppliers. It also has many specialty food stores including butchers, bakers, delicatessens, and fishmongers.
  • Savour some coffee: There are many cafes around West Ryde NSW that offer amazing brews made with locally sourced beans imported from various countries like Brazil and Ethiopia as well as different blends, sizes and other specifications to suit any taste or mood.
  • Find out about culture: One important thing you should do when visiting West Ryde is getting into its rich cultural life which features festivals, exhibitions, and events for the whole community.
  • Take in some street art: If you’re looking to explore West Ryde’s cultural life then stop by a few of its many galleries or find your way into one of their colourful laneways where you’ll be surrounded by amazing works from local artists.
  • Visit an animal sanctuary: Located on Sydney Road is Featherdale Wildlife Park which not only has native animals like kangaroos but also other exotic species that are found all over the world. Just make sure to call ahead if you want to feed any of them!
  • Admire beautiful views: The suburb is full of panoramic views with spots such as Mount Keira Lookout at either end. There are plenty more too so don’t forget to take a camera with you.
  • Explore local art galleries: There are many different styles on show in some of Sydney’s most distinctive neighbourhoods including Mosman, Waverton, and Neutral Bay. Take your time exploring until you find something that catches your eye. And if all else fails then just enjoy the scenery – there are plenty of beautiful spots around West Ryde where natural landscapes meet urban infrastructure for spectacular views.
  • Visit a Museum: There are many museums in Sydney and a few of them can be found right here, including the Australian National Maritime Museum which is located on Darling Harbour.
  • Have fun at the beach: Whether you’re after some surfing or just want to take your time strolling along the sand then head over to West Ryde Beach where you’ll find plenty of room for everyone! There’s even a playground if you have any children with you who need somewhere safe to play.