Things to do with kids in Moncur Reserve in Woollahra NSW

There are so many things to do with kids in Moncur Reserve in Woollahra NSW. Whether you’re looking for a place to go on a picnic, take the dog for a walk or just relax by the river, there’s something here for everyone! Come along and explore these beautiful surroundings. Some of the things you can do here with kids include:

Playing Games

image by australia247.info

There is a great playground just at the end of Moncur Reserve. It’s a wonderful place for kids to play games, have races and enjoy themselves! This is a great spot for parents to meet up with other people as well, so you can chat while the kids run off their energy.

Walking Furry Friends

Moncur Reserve is an excellent location to take pets. There are lots of different paths that meander through lush green trees down towards the river. Let your pet have a walk and get some fresh air, or take them to the dog park for a game of fetch!

Exploring Nature

There are lots of different native plants located in Moncur Reserve that you can use as educational tools while walking with kids on any given day. You can point out things like bird nests, fallen trees and other animals too! It’s an amazing way to explore nature together.


Moncur Reserve is perfect for picnics with your family or friends. There are plenty of picnic tables ready and waiting so that you don’t need to bring anything except some food and drinks (all provided by our amazing staff).


The Yarrawa River is home to many different fish species including trout, carp, redfin perch and bream. If you’re looking for an exciting way for kids to spend their day fishing then this is it! All equipment will be supplied but make sure you pack some snacks as well because those can get hungry after a while.

A bush walk

There are plenty of native Australian plants here for kids to learn about, some that you might not have seen before too! The Yarrawa River is also a great place to explore with children as they can look for bugs and insects in the tall grasses on the banks.


If your child wants to get more active then take them down the bike tracks which weaves through Moncur Reserve’s beautiful gardens. It really is an amazing way for both adults and kids alike to exercise by going somewhere new together. They’ll enjoy it so much that they won’t even realise how hard or tiring it may be!