Things to See and Do in Lane Cove National Park in Ryde, NSW

image by nationalparks.nsw.gov.au

Lane Cove National Park is a beautiful place that has many different landscapes to explore in Ryde NSW. It’s home to the Lane Cove River, which flows through the park and offers visitors some of the best fishing around. This post will talk about 10 reasons why you should visit Lane Cove National Park!

The Lane Cove River

This river can take you to the beautiful Lane Cove Beach and also offers fishing opportunities. The river is serene, with plenty of places to sit along its banks. It’s a great way to enjoy nature while still being close enough that you can go back into the city for some culture!


There are many different types of birds you can find at Lane Cove National Park, including the endangered Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo. There is plenty of food for them to eat there as well, such as figs and berries! The waterfalls also attract a lot of bird life. You’ll often see kookaburras near the pools or owls in the trees above.


As mentioned before, fishing is one of the best opportunities available at Lane Cove National Park. There’s great trout and perch fishing nearby if that interests you more than saltwater fishing like rock cod or mackerel (though those are also found in abundance). Bring your own gear with you; they don’t allow visitors to bring their own fishing equipment.

The Waterfalls

There are a few different waterfalls in the park, including Lane Cove Falls and Littles Falls, which can be found near each other at the eastern end of the national park. The fact that they’re so close together makes it easy to explore both without having to go too far from your car!


There are many different bushwalks in the park, including a track that goes around the whole thing. There’s also an impressive boardwalk with views of Littles Falls and Lane Cove River. And if you’re not up for navigating all these tracks by yourself (though it is very easy to do), there are plenty of guided walks available at various times of year!

The Arts Centre

Lane Cove National Park houses its own art centre, which features exhibitions from local artists as well as national ones. It hosts performances and workshops too on occasion so be sure to check out their website or call ahead before heading over just in case they have something great going on during your visit!

It’s Beautiful

We couldn’t resist mentioning this one! Lane Cove National Park is beautiful and worth checking out if you’re in the Sydney area. It is a perfect way to enjoy the coastal scenery of Sydney without actually being near any big city.

Lane Cove National Park offers a lot for visitors, including beautiful views and amazing fishing opportunities! With so many different bush walks, waterfalls, and other amazing things to see and do, you’ll never get bored exploring it all. Plan your next holiday around visiting this national park!