Things You Didn’t Know About Bondi to Coogee Walk NSW

Bondi to Coogee is a popular walk for tourists in the Sydney area. The trail follows the coastline and there are plenty of historical sites on this walk. What you may not know about Bondi to Coogee, though, is how it became so popular in the first place!


image by walkmyworld.com

This coastal walk was made famous in the 1920s by a group of surfers who used it to get from Bondi Beach down to Coogee Beach. The whole trip took about an hour, and as their fame grew so did interest in this popular trail.

There are two very different walks on either side of the bay – one is busier and more populated with people, while the other is quieter with only small patches of beachside homes. This modern day coastal hike offers views that span over nine kilometres! Keep reading for more information about what you can see along the way and how much time it will take you do complete it yourself.

You’ll first notice that there’s not really any greenery or woodland area until you reach Palm Beach. It’s mainly just sand with ocean views, and the scenery changes dramatically as you head south towards Coogee Beach.

There are plenty of historical sites along this stretch – including Joss House Bay (a cove that was named after a Chinese man who made money smuggling opium), Palm Beach Surf Club (the first surf club in Australia) and more! You’ll also find hidden beaches like Point Danger which is sheltered by cliffs on either side. The walk from Bondi to Coogee takes about two hours if you’re doing it slowly or an hour-and-a-half if you go at a steady pace. If you want to shorten your trip, there are buses that run back up north but they won’t let passengers off on the way.

Surfing is allowed along this stretch so be careful not to get in people’s waves! If you’re looking for a safe place to swim, head over to Coogee Beach where there are designated patrolled areas and lifeguards on duty. You’ll also find an old jetty (at one point it was used as a quarantine station!) that has been turned into the Sydney Sea Life Aquarium which opened back in 2000.


There are plenty of benches and picnic tables scattered along the way, as well as bathrooms at Bondi Beach. If you’re looking for food or other amenities there are a few cafes in Coogee but they fill up quickly on weekends so be sure to call ahead!

What You Need To Bring: water, sunscreen, hat (to shield from sun), comfortable shoes – this is a walking trail so make time to stop often and enjoy the view. There’s also an option between two different trails one that winds its way more inland while the other goes back down towards Sydney Harbour by going closer to the ocean.