This is Why You Should Move to Mount Druitt, NSW today!

Mount Druitt, NSW is a beautiful place to live. It has everything you need and more! In this blog post, we will discuss the top 10 reasons that make Mount Druitt perfect for your next move!

image by wikimedia.org

It Has Easy Access To Public Transport

If your child needs pickup from bus or train, you can easily walk to the station or they might be able to just meet their bus! Plus it’s not too far of a trip for anyone who lives in Mount Druitt – Clemton Park Train Station is only four kilometres away which makes getting around much easier.

It Has Lots Of Green Space

Not everyone likes living in suburbia but if that’s your thing then Mount Druitt has plenty of green space and parks so your kids have room to enjoy themselves while you do some gardening. And with more than 20% of land covered by greenery including tree-lined streetscapes, this compact community really does feel like an oasis from busy city life!

The Neighbourhood Is Safe For Kids To Play

This is a question that every parent asks before moving – can I let my kids go outside and play? The answer to this is Mount Druitt! Not only do houses come with fenced yards, but the neighbourhood has been designed for children. All streets are on a slight incline so cars won’t speed through neighborhoods and you’ll find that most streets are flanked by trees to provide shade.

It’s Close To The CBD

Mount Druitt is close enough to Sydney city for all your weekend getaways and adventures, but not too close that it becomes congested with traffic or expensive! It takes only one hour to drive from neighbourhood houses in Mount Druitt – Pennant Hills Road right into the heart of Sydney CBD at King Street Wharf.

The Schools Are Top-Notch

A major concern when moving house is what school will my child attend? This is no issue whatsoever in Mt Druitt because we offer everything you need – public schools, Catholic schools, and high-performing private institutions like All Saints College which has an international reputation as a leading college for girls.

It’s Close To The Airport

If you’re moving a family and need to travel often, then Mount Druitt is the perfect place for you. Located just 45 minutes from Sydney International Airport or 35 minutes from Newcastle airport, it simplifies your traveling plans when coming back home after a long flight!

The Houses Are Affordable And Comfortable

Finding an affordable house in this competitive market can be tough but not in Mt Druitt – housing prices are more than manageable so if saving money on rent is important to you then we’ve got your answer right here. Plus all our houses come with air conditioning which helps make life easier during those hot summer months!