Top POIs Near Marsfield, NSW

image by wikimedia.org

The Marsfield, NSW area is a suburb in Sydney, Australia. It’s a great place to live with many attractions nearby. If you’re looking for things to do near the Marsfield area, then this blog post is just for you! Here are five of the best places to visit close by:

  1. The National Park – A national park that offers plenty of scenic beauty and wildlife viewing opportunities. There are also plenty of trails available for hiking or biking if you feel like exploring on foot or on wheels.
  2. Campbelltown Hospital – This hospital has been serving the community since 1887 and has undergone many updates over time so it can offer modern facilities while maintaining its historic look.
  3. Macarthur Square – Macarthur Square is a bustling shopping mall with so many stores to explore. If you’re hungry, there are plenty of restaurants nearby as well!
  4. Campbelltown War Memorial – This memorial is a tribute to those who died in World Wars I and II. It’s also the perfect place for commemorating other important events such as Anzac Day or Remembrance Day.
  5. NSW Science Centre (Exhibition Road, Macarthur Square)- The science centre offers many interactive exhibits about things like space exploration, animals of the world and more! You can even catch an exhibition if you’re looking for something different from what there is on display at your local museum.
  6. Campbelltown Performing Arts Centre – The performing arts centre is a community hub that offers classes in music, dance and theatre. Performances are also held on site for those looking to be entertained or just want to experience something new
  7. Campbelltown Public Library – The library is the perfect place to come and read a book, borrow some DVDs or CDs, get homework help from one of the librarians…the possibilities are endless!
  8. Lower Swaines Recreation Ground – The recreation ground is a place for all to come and enjoy themselves. They have sporting fields, playgrounds and more!
  9. Newbridge Reserve – The reserve has been preserved as a space for locals to enjoy and offers some easy recreational activities such as bird watching or going on a picnic.
  10. Campbelltown Fair – The fair is a fun and exciting event for all ages. You can enjoy the rides, watch some live entertainment or just take in how big it really is!
  11. Campbelltown Monastery – A monastery that has been welcoming visitors since 1892 when it was built to commemorate Pope Leo XIII’s Golden Jubilee. It offers an oasis of peace where people from any religious background may enter and spend time peacefully in Marsfield.