What You Need To Know About Parramatta River in NSW 2150

image by royalhaskoningdhv.com

Welcome to Parramatta River! Whether you’re a local or visiting for the first time, there are countless must-do experiences that will help make your trip more memorable in Parramatta NSW. It’s an easy way to get out of the city and enjoy nature without sacrificing any of the amenities that Sydney has to offer.

Parramatta River offers many opportunities: from accessible walking/cycle trails perfect for birdwatching or wildlife spotting, to cafes along the riverbank-where, you can stop for lunch on your boat tour. The course of this natural waterway has been determined by human interference since its beginnings; when convicts first settled in Sydney over 200 years ago they found their way upriver without any need for bridges because it followed an existing Aboriginal track.

They were able to make their way up the river and then they found a crossing point at Parramatta, which is why it’s called Parramatta.

It now flows through Green Square and into Sydney Harbour where it becomes known as Port Jackson. The voyage from East Creek to its mouth takes about one hour so if you’re keen for a day out by boat or kayak we recommend stopping off somewhere along the way for lunch – there are plenty of riverside cafes in this part of town.

Here are some highlights on what you can expect when exploring the River:

  • An abundance of wildlife (especially birds) with green space around them; all sorts of native plants like mangroves, lilies and reeds that thrive in these subtropical waters; and a rich history of Aboriginal culture
  • It’s the perfect way to experience Sydney without leaving its suburbs
  • Boating on the Parramatta River – if you’re keen to go for an hour-long boat or kayak trip then we recommend stopping off at East Creek, where there are some pretty good cafes.
  • Accessible walking and cycle trails, great for wildlife spotting
  • The historic Parramatta ferry wharf that’s now a thriving market.

There’s also plenty of activities in this area so pack your picnic basket and bring along a set of water shoes (great for exploring rocks), a swimsuit (to cool down after all that exercise), and sunscreen (you’ll need it). This is the ideal place to come with the kids as there are plenty of free activities and no shortage of things to do. There are also some great family-friendly cafes nearby, which is perfect if you want to have a drink with your kids.