What You Need To Know About The New South Wales Lancers Memorial Museum in Parramatta, NSW

The New South Wales Lancers Memorial Museum in Parramatta area is a fascinating place to check out if you’re looking for something new and interesting to do. The museum has an extensive collection of memorabilia, including uniforms, weapons, medals, and artwork.

image by Wikimedia


The NSW Lancers Memorial Museum (NSWLM) was established in 1961 by members of the British Army’s Royal Australian Regiment who had served with distinction overseas during World War II. It continues today as an independent charitable association dedicated to preserving military history in Australia through its collections and programs.

Built on land donated by Colonel Sir Laurence Wackett – Commander-in-Chief Eastern Command from 1941 – 1945 – it occupies what were stables and ancillary buildings from the old Governor’s Domain.

The Museum has a large collection of uniforms, weapons, and medals that have been donated by veterans over the years. It also houses many fine paintings on loan or in permanent collections including works by Australian artists Paul Haefliger (1893-1971), Sir William Dargie KBE RHA FRSA RA(1907-1992), and John Olsen AO FAA FAIA (born 1938).

The Lancers Memorial Room is open to public access but it is not possible for visitors to see all aspects of our collection at one time due to space limitations. The Library contains books about military history as well as other items such as military music recordings, wartime posters, and magazines dating from the late nineteenth century.

Here are some things that visitors can do at the museum:

  • View exhibits in the museum’s library: The library has a large collection of books about Australian military history
  • Participate in the museum’s education programs: They have workshops for kids, school visits, and lectures that focus on how museums can be used to teach people about their own culture.
  • Hire out space at the museum for functions: The museum has a large function room and courtyard that’s perfect for weddings, parties, or other celebrations
  • Volunteer: The museum is always looking for volunteers to help with various tasks.
  • Check out items from the “Artillery Collection” which includes artillery pieces like howitzers and mortars used by British forces during World War One
  • Visit the “Lancer Barracks” where there are displays of military equipment such as swords, bayonets, and drums.
  • You can come with your kids since there are many interactive displays for them. There is parking nearby. Some nearby attractions include the Sydney Royal Botanical Gardens and the Queen Victoria Building.