Why families love living in Tamarama, NSW

image by mapio.net

Tamarama, NSW is a beautiful place to live. It’s close to the ocean, has stunning views and it’s where many families call home! Here are reasons why Tamarama is the perfect spot for you and your family:

Great Schools

This neighbourhood has the best schools in all of Sydney, with great teachers and a strong community.

Easy Commute to Work

Most residents work close by so it’s easy for them to get there! You can also find anything you need at Bondi Junction or Coogee Beach just 20 minutes away from your house.

Beautiful Surroundings

The bay is always reflecting beautiful sunsets and couples often come here after their wedding ceremony – this neighbourhood has something special waiting for everyone who visits. If that wasn’t enough then Tamarama has some beautiful parks too! The local club hosts kids’ sports clubs like footy on Saturdays mornings which are free until they’re old enough to play AFL (Australian Rules Football). There’s something for everyone in this family-friendly neighbourhood!

Safety and Security

This neighbourhood is one of the safest in Sydney, and you can have peace of mind knowing your kids are always safe here.

Low Noise Levels

Tamarama offers some beautiful views to enjoy so it’s perfect for those who don’t want any noise! You can see the sunrise or set over Bondi Beach without hearing a thing – just what many families need.

Public Transport

The nearby train station is about 15 minutes from the beach and takes residents right into downtown Sydney. This neighbourhood is great for those who are interested in city life without living there because it’s close to a lot of attractions.

Scenic Views

Tamarama is one of the most spectacular places to live, with scenic views from every home. Residents can enjoy a serene view in their backyard as well as watch sunsets on Tamarama Beach!

Community Spirit

This neighbourhood is a family, so you can always find support here. People spend time with their neighbours at the local park during sunset or by hosting dinner parties in their backyard!

Affordable Homes

Homes in Tamarama are more affordable than other neighbourhoods, making it a great place for families to call home. It’s also a great place to start your life in Sydney!

Dog-Friendly neighbourhood

This neighbourhood is one of the few dog-friendly neighbourhoods in Sydney, so it’s perfect for those who love to share their home with furry friends! It’s also a great place for kids who want to play with their pets while they’re outside.

Public Spaces

Tamarama has several parks that are perfect for families because there’s always something happening like BBQs, birthday parties, and soccer!