Why Families Love St Ives, New South Wales

St Ives is a neighbourhood of Terrey Hills, Australia. It’s just minutes away from the city centre and has plenty of shops for locals to enjoy. The area also features parks with picnic areas, playgrounds, and sports fields. This article looks at why families love St Ives so much!

Great Parks

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There are many parks in the area including Pymble Park, which offer plenty of open space for families to enjoy. There are also sports fields and playgrounds in this area that children will love!

Close To The City Centre

If you want to visit Sydney’s bustling city centre but don’t have a lot of time on your hands, St Ives is close enough to make it happen. It takes just fifteen minutes by car or bus from this neighbourhood to get into the center. Plus, there are lots of shops and restaurants nearby in case anyone gets hungry during their stay downtown!

Cheap Rent For Families

St Ives has cheaper rent than other parts of Australia so if you’re looking for an affordable place with good amenities then this part of Terrey Hills is perfect! Also, there is a great public school in the neighbourhood, and there are plenty of parks to explore too.

Great Schools

There are many schools in the area, including St Ives Public School and Terrey Hills Primary. The education here is high quality and families will feel safe knowing their children are going to a good school.

Safe And Family-Friendly Area

St Ives, NSW has always been known for being family friendly so if you’re looking for somewhere that feels like home then it might be worth checking out this neighbourhood while visiting Sydney. There’s plenty of outdoor space where kids can play or adults can sit back and relax with coffee.

Sports Facilities

The Australian Golf Club is situated just down from one end of the parkland walkway (called ‘Walking Lane’), so it’s easy for people to find their way around while they walk or run. There are also soccer grounds and rugby fields nearby as well as tennis courts further away at Castle Hill Reserve on Broughton Road.”

St Ives Public School

Local children attend this school which provides excellent educational opportunities such as after school

Variety of Shops

There are many shops in the area, including a shopping centre called Westfield Warringah Mall which is close to where many families live. Regardles of what people want to buy, they’ll be able to find it here.