Why Muston Park is a Great Place to Exercise in Chatswood 2067

image by busycitykids.com.au

Muston Park, a 12ha park in Chatswood, NSW with walking trails and sporting fields is the perfect place for people who love outdoor exercise. The park has facilities such as an oval, cricket nets, and tennis courts that are available for use. In addition, there’s also plenty of grassy areas which allow you to take your dog out for a walk or just have some fun playing with them on the lawns.

This park also has a number of different walking trails to explore, ranging in length from short strolls to longer walks that take you through the bush.

Muston Park is an ideal place for families with children or adults looking to enjoy some leisure time exercising outdoors! It is the perfect place for people who enjoy outdoor exercise, especially those who love to explore nature. There are walking trails that give you opportunities to walk in either short strolls or longer walks. Muston Park is also home to many different species of birds which makes it great for birdwatching!

Whether you love working out alone or want to join a group of friends who enjoy walking, Muston Park is the place for you. The park has many features that allow people to work out alone or with groups.

What makes this park perfect:

  • It’s home to many different species of birds which make it great for birdwatching
  • There are short walks and longer walks suitable for all levels of fitness
  • The facilities here include an oval, tennis courts, cricket nets, and more!
  • Muston Park provides spaces where people can exercise without worrying about children in their way.

This park is accessible by public transport. The closest train station to Muston Park is Chatswood Station on Sydney’s Northern Line which takes about 15 minutes by foot from Muston Park. The bus stop for buses that go through this area is also only a few meters away from the entrance to the park! You can catch any number of buses going southbound from here such as route 490, 49x, or 190. Routes 480, 48x and 189 would be your best option if you want northbound routes. For eastbound routes take 188; however, note that there will not be departures until after noon so it may have limited use.