Why You Should Live in Hyde Park, Sydney New South Wales

Hyde Park is a beautiful neighbourhood in Sydney that offers a lot of benefits for people who live there. Here are 8 reasons why you should consider making Hyde Park, NSW your next home!

The property values in this area are going to go up over the coming years as more and more people move into the area. This means that it’s a very good investment.

The landscape is perfect for weekend walks around the neighbourhood, or across to Centennial Park. It also has plenty of parks and green space to enjoy if you’re not into walking.

There are excellent schools nearby that offer all levels of schooling from kindergarten through high school so your children will be looked after while they live in this area!

You’ll never run out of things to do here as there are many cafes, restaurants, shops and other facilities just minutes away by foot. There’s even an art gallery nearby too! Hyde Park is close enough to Sydney CBD which means it won’t take too long at all for work commute times either – but when you have such a beautiful place right next door, you won’t mind!

There’s never too much noise or traffic thanks to the location of this area, and it also has some excellent security features that make it an ideal place for families.

image by wikimedia.org

You’ll feel at home in Hyde Park because there are many residents from all around the world here. Diversity is a wonderful thing when you live in one of Sydney’s most beautiful neighbourhoods – and if diversity isn’t your cup of tea then don’t worry as plenty of people speak fluent English so communication shouldn’t be difficult either! The locals are always friendly (or politely non-committal) which means settling into their neighbourhood should be easy peasy lemon squeezy.

It’s relatively close to both Central Station and Bondi Junction train stations so commuting out of the city or into it is a breeze!

There’s an abundance of green space, which means you can get out of your home and relax outdoors. Some of the parks in and near this neighbourhood include Centennial Park, Jubilee Park, and Redleaf Park.

You’re only about 10 minutes away from central Sydney, so getting around is never difficult. If you prefer driving, then finding a nearby parking space shouldn’t be much of an issue as there are many available.

There’s also the beautiful Botanical Gardens just down the road if you’re feeling like escaping from your home and enjoying nature for a few hours. Perfect for those who love gardening!

The list goes on and Hyde Park is truly one of Sydney’s best neighbourhoods to live in – especially if you’re looking for something quieter yet close enough to everything that city life has to offer.