5 Awesome Things to do in Monkey Mania Top Ryde, NSW 2112

image by rydedistrictmums.com.au

Are you looking for a place to go and have some fun? Monkey Mania Top Ryde is the perfect destination. This amusement park has all of the rides, games, and attractions that you can imagine! It’s so much fun that we just had to share our experience with everyone else. Here are 5 awesome things to do in this amazing park in Ryde NSW:

Ride roller coasters at their highest speed.

If you love speed, then this is one ride you don’t want to miss out on! You’ll be strapped in by safety belts and taken through twists and turns as fast as possible until it feels like your stomach will come up out of your mouth! This is a thrill that you’ll never forget.

Win prizes at the prize booth games.

Monkey Mania Top Ryde has all of your favorite carnival-style games! There are ring tosses, basketball hoops, and more to keep everyone entertained for hours on end. You can win some great prizes if you’re lucky enough too!

Enjoy delicious fair food from one of their many vendors or restaurants.

There’s nothing better than getting your hands on hot dogs, pork ribs, cotton candy, fries – anything that will make your tastebuds sing with joy while you enjoy being in this amazing park. Don’t forget about ice cream either; there is an ice cream parlor where they have every flavor imaginable waiting for you.

Play one of their many arcade games.

You’ll be able to spend the whole day just playing video games, trying your luck at skee-ball, or shooting some hoops! They have everything from classics like Pacman and Donkey Kong Jr. to newer ones that are so much fun – all for a small fee. You won’t regret spending time in this area while visiting Monkey Mania Top Ryde!

Enjoy Wildlife Viewing

A wildlife viewing area with an underwater experience is also on site for those who love animals as well as aquatic life; it provides visitors with up-close views of exotic creatures without having to leave the comfort of dry land (or risk getting wet!). There’s something here for everyone in your group; no matter what you’re into, Monkey Mania Top Ryde will have something for you!

There is a place dedicated for toddlers and preschoolers called Mini Mania, where they can enjoy the rides that are just for their size. Therefore, dont leave them behind! They can still have fun and they’ll be able to enjoy all of the features that this amusement park has to offer.