Everything you Need To Know About Flipout Trampoline Park in Caringbah NSW

image by flipout.net.au

There are many different ways that people can have fun in their spare time, but few of them compare to the awesomeness of Flipout Trampoline Park in Caringbah. This place is a haven for all ages and abilities! Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or someone who just wants to spend some quality family time together, there is something for everyone at this amazing facility.

If you want to know more about what Flipout has to offer, then read on!


The first Flipout location opened in 2003, and it has been growing ever since! In 2007 the family-owned business expanded to two more Australian states: Queensland and Victoria. In 2012, they opened up the fourth location in New South Wales.

Flipout Trampoline Parks is open to people of all ages and abilities! There is a designated area for kids under 12 with small trampolines that have safety nets surrounding them so that no little ones can get hurt accidentally. The rest of the park is separated into sections for kids, teens, and adults.

What You Can Do

The best part about this place is that there are so many different activities you can do! If you’re a competitive person who loves to bounce around on trampolines, then try out the Ultimate Dodgeball or Flipout Trampoline Dodgeball. If you’re looking for something more relaxing, then head to the section of trampolines that are positioned in a circle so all participants can watch each other jump around!

Is it Safe?

People often ask if Flipout is safe and we say yes with confidence. The facility has safety features including padded surfaces, boundary nets, and extra padding on the walls.

Towel service is available so you can get nice and dry after your time bouncing around! Flipout also has safety videos playing in every section of the trampoline park to remind all participants about how they should behave safely while jumping. You’ll be able to see reminders like “bounce on your feet, not your heels” so that you can avoid injury.

What’s Nearby?

There are plenty of things to do in the area around Flipout! Some nearby attractions include restaurants like Nando’s and McDonald’s if you’re looking for a quick meal or Starbucks if you want to grab some coffee while you’re visiting. There is also an IGA supermarket for grocery shopping and a pharmacy if you need to pick up some medicine while you’re out!

You can’t have too much fun with your family, so be sure to visit Flipout Trampoline Park the next time you are in the area of Caringbah, NSW! You won’t regret it!