Everything You Need To Know About the Sydney Harbour Bridge

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of the world’s most famous man-made wonders. Located in the heart of Sydney NSW Australia, this steel arch bridge spans more than 1.5 kilometres and stands 134 metres above the water below. It took 11 years to build but was finally completed in 1932 after many delays due to issues with funding and labour strikes. The bridge has been a tourist attraction ever since it opened and continues to draw thousands of visitors each year who come just for its impressive architecture as well as for its stunning view over one of the world’s finest natural harbours where you can see iconic attractions such as Luna Park, Circular Quay, The Opera House, Royal Botanical Gardens and much more!

image by Wikimedia

This amazing bridge is one of the most iconic images in Australia and it has been featured on everything from postcards to stamps. It features a steel arch design with two side spans that are supported by immense stone piers near each shore, as well as four massive concrete anchor blocks at its base. The bridge was designed by engineer John Bradfield who had originally wanted it to be made from concrete, but eventually settled on steel because it was more economical.

It is a well-known fact that the Sydney Harbour Bridge holds many interesting facts and stories about its construction and purpose – such as whether or not it would have been better served by being constructed with an arch design instead of a straight line.

It is also worth noting that the bridge has seen a lot of changes in its history – from being lit by gas for some time, to more recently becoming one of Sydney’s most iconic landmarks.

It connects the two neighbourhoods of Sydney – North Sydney, which is on the northern shore of the harbour, and Milsons Point in the south.

The bridge also made an impact internationally when it became one of five bridges to be shown on a set Australian postage stamp sheet issued by Australia Post in 2002 as part of its “Australia’s Structures” series in celebration of the Centenary of Federation.

Why Visit Sydney Harbour Bridge?

Some of the reasons you should visit this iconic attraction include:

  • It is a popular destination for tourists and locals as it offers stunning views of the harbour.
  • It has been featured on postcards, stamps, and in many films due to its iconic status.
  • The Sydney Harbour Bridge was also an icon for the city’s Olympic bid when they hosted their 2000 Olympics games because this bridge represented how much Australians love their country.
  • The bridge is Sydney’s most iconic landmarks.

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