Fun Things to do in Lunar Park Sydney in North Sydney, NSW 2060

image by wikimedia.org

The Lunar Park Sydney amusement park is a great place to take the kids, friends and family for fun activities that are sure to get your heart racing. Whether you want to explore the historic old-fashioned theme of this amusement park or enjoy some thrilling rides at night, there’s something for everyone.

If you’re looking for new things to do in Lunar Park Sydney with your loved ones in and around North Sydney, NSW, then here are five suggestions:

  • Visit the Vivid light display: This is one of the most spectacular light displays in Sydney, and it’s located right outside Lunar Park.
  • Ride the bumper cars: The bumpers car ride will get your adrenaline pumping as you buzz around the other players trying to outsmart them with a hit or two.
  • Watch “Cinderella” live show at night: You’ll be treated to an enchanting performance by Cinderalla herself – who knows what may happen?
  • Enjoy some delicious food from Billy Bobs BBQ Shack: Fresh fruit salads, gourmet burgers and chicken wraps are just some of the tantalising options available for visitors wanting something new at Lunar Park Sydney.
  • Watch the children’s parade at night: The delightful, colourful floats and costumed performers are sure to delight all the kids (and adults) in attendance.
  • Take a spin on Sky Wheel Ferris wheel: Take not only your friends and family but the whole Sydney skyline on this thrilling ride.
  • Play on some of our water rides during a hot day, and then cool off with an ice cream or drink from one of our food stands
  • Hop onto one of Lunar Park’s thrilling rides at night for a spooky experience. It is best to visit this amusement park when it is dark because you will not only enjoy all the lights shining in your face but also any creepy animatronic displays that are found throughout these attractions.
  • “Eat and Play” packages include admission to Lunar Park Sydney plus access to unlimited soft drinks and snacks as well as entree items such as pizza slices, nuggets, french fries or potato chips so visitors can combine their favourite Lunar Park Sydney attractions

Lunar Park Sydney features a wide range of rides and activities for children with disabilities. These include swings, slides and more that are equipped to provide safety barriers or ramps so kids can enjoy themselves without worrying about the height restrictions found at most other amusement parks. This attraction is best for young families who have a child with special needs but want to ensure their day will be fun too!