How to Have A Perfect Day at Blues Point Reserve in North Sydney

image by weekendnotes.com

Looking for a day out? Blues Point Reserve is the perfect place to go in North Sydney. It is a large, yet peaceful park that has everything you could want in it. Whether you are feeling energetic and want to play sports or just sitting back and relaxing with some friends, there’s something here for everyone. This article will tell you everything about this amazing reserve!


Blues Point Reserve is a 100 hectare park in North Sydney, Australia. It was created by the NSW Government as an environmental and recreational space for people to enjoy. Today, it is the “green lung” for the city of Sydney and to improve biodiversity.


  • There are over 220 hectares of grassland, woodland and bushland spaces.
  • The park has walking trails that go through natural habitats such as sandstone cliffs, mangroves and rainforest.
  • It is home to many threatened species which can only be found in this region like goatsucker birds or long nosed potoroos.
  • The park has a number of facilities such as picnic areas, barbecue and public toilets.
  • There are many other activities for people to enjoy like playing soccer or tennis or simply sitting back and having lunch with friends.
  • There is an adventure playground where children can climb trees, slide down the rapids, explore caves or build sandcastles in the beach.
  • The sanctuary is open every day from sunrise till sunset so it’s easy to spend your whole day here!


The reserve holds events every month where you can come out with your family (these include Kids Days Out). Every Sunday they have guided walks from 11am till 12pm! Bring your friends along – it’s a great way to enjoy nature together while learning about

What To Do

There are plenty of things you can do at this reserve! You could go on one of their many walks with your friends and family or play some sports like tennis or soccer. If you want to relax instead, there’s places where you can sit back and eat lunch while enjoying the scenery around you. Also, you can enjoy the waves at the beach if you want to take a break.


This amazing place has all sorts of facilities that will make your day out here more enjoyable than ever before! They have public restrooms available so no need to pack any extra toiletries if they don’t know how long they’ll be