office removalistsThe issue of relocating a company can be a relatively delicate one. A professional transfer requires an even more sophisticated organization than a private removal:

  • Planning the change of offices
  • Fitting out the new premises 
  • Managing all the legal and organizational aspects of the process.

Here are the broad outlines of a successful move, which always requires the assistance of an experienced and professional office moving partner.

Why is a good organization so important?

Relocation is an important and meaningful step in the evolution of a company. Successfully moving one’s offices requires careful preparation. You have to follow a series of essential steps. If this project is well organized, it can represent a real lever for growth both on a functional and human level.


Do you need to keep your current furniture or change it?

Here are the right questions to be considered:

  • What is the general condition of the current furniture?
  • Is your move the result of a reorganization of teams or an increase in the workforce?
  • What space constraints do your new premises impose? Are your future open space areas similar to what they were before?

If you are keeping your current furniture lines, make sure that the purchase of extra furniture matches your current furniture. Think of the use, the style, and the colour. Don’t break the harmony of the room.

If you are renewing most of your office furniture, make sure that the furniture collections you have selected meet the constraints of use and functionality required by the work of your employees. 

Watch your schedule

The signature date of the new trade ball allows you to plan your office removal from a fixed date. You can create a retro-planning listing of the mandatory tasks. You can classify them according to the implementation deadline and their nature:

  • Administrative
  • Human
  • Logistical

This allows you to focus on the most time-consuming or important tasks at the beginning, and to focus on.

Choose a person in charge of the removal

Depending on the size of your company, you will need to choose the person in charge of the removal. It can be done by department or by the team.

This person will be the operations manager or a coordinator reporting to the company manager. He or she will coordinate all operations according to the schedule defined beforehand. This will lighten the workload for everyone, and make each division more responsible

Reliable Sydney Removalists in Castle Hill can help you with all aspects of your office move.

Make an inventory of your computer equipment

You have probably designated a person in charge of your company’s IT systems. Taking a regular inventory of your computer equipment allows you to evaluate the actual use of hardware and software. It allows you to sanitize the computer park such as unused licenses or equipment.

Entrust the task to qualified professionals, sometimes subcontracted by the identified removal company. You should also anticipate the Internet network of the future premises. It has to be adapted to the needs of the company. It must function properly and ensure the security and confidentiality of all transferred data. Especially sensitive data.

Take care of your employees

satisfied employeesFrom the employees’ point of view, the relocation is more or less well perceived. It can lead to tensions in the organization of the company.

Adherence to the project depends on the support and initial preparations for the change that will be implemented. Indeed, the more the company communicates, the more resistance and doubts will be removed on the staff’s side.

To ensure the success of your company relocation project, your staff and employees also deserve to be at the heart of the process.

Some ideas to psychologically prepare your employees for the change of offices

  • Create a communication calendar for each cluster, at each stage of the move. The aim is to raise awareness among employees moving to new premises. A unit can also be opened within Human Resources. It would answer questions related to the company’s moving project during individual interviews.
  • Organize a visit to the new premises to help the teams plan their future.
  • Share on the corporate social network a guided tour of the future premises and the progress of the move.
  • Create a suggestion box to fully integrate employees into the project. Prove to them that their best ideas have been selected.
  • Strategically segment the level of support for employees. Special support is needed for employees for whom the change of location will create a considerable increase in the time, or even cost, of transportation.

How to select the right moving company for your office?

Once you have identified the ideal date at which you would like to move all your equipment, all you have to do is choose the best removal company.

The differences in price that you will observe from one quotation to another often stem from the division of tasks between you and the moving company. Check the following for each of the quotes you receive:

  • Packing, wrapping, unpacking, and taking back the boxes: some companies do not come back to take back the unpacked boxes in their price proposals.
  • Disassembly and reassembly of office furniture: use specialized moving companies within your company to ensure that the assemblers are experienced in office furniture. 
  • Taking care of computer equipment and fragile, heavy, or bulky furniture, which will require adapted transportation equipment. 
  • Booking and confirmation of parking and unloading permits in the city you are moving to.

Some companies offer to deliver empty boxes or even supplies such as markers or bubble wrap at no extra charge. There are also logistical tools, allowing you to make a checklist or a calendar to check that the relocation respects the deadlines.

Reliable Sydney Removalists

Reliable Sydney Removalists Castle HillThe transfer of a company is not organized in the same way as a move for private individuals. Reliable Sydney Removalists offer you a team of experienced professional movers to ensure that the removal goes smoothly.

It is recommended to start planning well in advance. The teams are at your disposal to study the solution that meets your needs. Get in touch now!