Tips for Moving Large Rocks for Landscaping

landscaping-rocksLandscaping projects often include using large rocks. They add visual appeal to any yard.  If you just got a delivery of rocks and are now lying as a heap on the yard, you might be challenged of how to move them when designing your landscape.

Luckily, there is a tool that will make this task easier. Ratcheting lever hoists are ideal for lifting and moving loads weighing as much as three tons. With this lever hoist, you can drag large rocks with much ease on your landscape.

This way, it will be easy to place them wherever you would want to place them on your yard. Here are the steps you will follow to move heavy rocks with a lever hoist.

Step 1

Take a strong chain and wrap it around a very sturdy anchor such as a strong, sturdy tree. The anchor should be sturdy enough to withstand the thousands, if not hundreds, of pounds.

Step 2

Fix the hook of the lever hoist on the chain you just wrapped.

Step 3

Next, take the hook at the end of your hoist and wrap it around the large rock a couple of times. Once done, secure the hook onto the chain around the rock.

Step 4

Take the chain’s other end and pull it through the lever hoist. Ensure you pull it taut to eliminate any sagging.

Step 5

Next, take several furniture pads or heavy blankets and place them over the taut chain. By doing so, you will reduce the chances of snapping back in case the chain you are using breaks upon being unable to withstand the pull.

Step 6

Now set the hoist lever to the “up” or “raise” position in readiness to start moving the rock.

Step 7

Next, rock the lever’s handle to and fro, thereby ratcheting the chain. Every pump will drag the rock some inches towards the anchor. You will only require little effort to rock the tool’s handle since the lever hoist does all the pulling work.

Step 8

Once the rock has reached its destination, you can go ahead and remove the wrapped chain.