Museums Near Old Toongabbie, NSW

image by wikimedia.org

Museums Near Old Toongabbie, NSW is a great place to go for those who are interested in culture and history. Here you will find some of the most beautiful museums around this area that have been preserved by the National Trust of Australia (NSW) since 1972. These include:

The Hills District Historical Society Museum

This is the first museum that you will come across when visiting the area. This is an open-air and fully interactive museum with lots of interesting exhibits to explore. Additionally, there are volunteers on-site to answer any questions that you may have.

The Hills District Historical Society Museum contains all artifacts from early settlers. These range from blacksmithing, carpentry, wool-spinning to weaving mills, a water wheel, and more.

This exhibit also explores how these people lived in this area which was very different than most areas at the time because they had their own unique way of living off of nature’s resources. There are many other things to see here too like tools for farming, hunting, or fishing with lots to learn about what life was like back then!

Visitors will enjoy exploring The Hills District Historical Society Museum just by looking around at everything and reading through (or listening) information on the different exhibits.

Anatole Museum Of Greats

The Anatole Museum of Greats is one the most popular museums near this area. This museum has a wide variety of exhibits and artwork that are on display for everyone to enjoy. The building itself was also designed by an Australian architect who was born in 1859 with many other famous buildings throughout Europe! There’s something new here every time you come back, so there will always be different exhibitions or events happening.

Uniting Burnside Museum North Parramatta

The Uniting Burnside Museum North Parramatta is another museum you should check out when visiting this area. This museum has a variety of exhibits that showcase Australian history and culture from over 400 years ago to the modern day. There are also many interesting displays in here like an old-fashioned shop, early technology such as cameras or even how kids played with toys back then! Visitors should be able to find something they’re interested in exploring at this place which is open every Friday from 12 pm -; Saturday & Sundays from 11 am –; Closed on Mondays but available for tours by appointment only.

Philip Ruddock Heritage Centre

The third museum you should visit is the Philip Ruddock Heritage Centre which showcases Aboriginal culture and history. This place does a great job of telling stories from different points in time with an interactive experience for visitors to enjoy!

This museum even has some temporary exhibits on offer at any given time so there will always be new content to see while visiting! Visitors should plan their trip around these few museums to see the best of what Old Toongabbie has to offer.