Options for Family Activities in Ryde Aquatic Centre in NSW 2112

image by ryde.nsw.gov.au

Ryde Aquatic Centre is a great place to visit for family activities. There are many options available for everyone in the family, including toddlers, teens and adults!

Some of these activities include:

Swimming Lessons

Do you know how to swim? If you don’t , you can sign up for swimming lessons! If you already know how to swim, then there are lots of other options available in Ryde Aquatic Centre.

Swimming Pool

There are three pools, two of which can be heated to make for a more enjoyable experience. There is also an outdoor pool and water slides that are perfect for the hot summer days!

Fitness Centre

If you’re looking to work on your health and fitness goals while getting some time away from family, then Ryde Aquatic Centre has got it covered with their recreational fitness centre. The facility features cardio equipment like treadmills and elliptical trainers as well as lots of weights!

Aqua Aerobics

Want something different? Aqua aerobics might just be what you need because they combine aerobic exercise with resistance training in the water for increased core strength. This is perfect if you want to get fit without all the heat!

Water Safety Education Program

Teaching kids about staying safe near water at home isn’t enough- it’s important that they learn these skills sooner rather than later. Check out this program and keep your children as safe as possible from drowning. They offer many different age groups with varying skillsets.

Toddler Pool

Kids aged three and under are welcome to come down to the toddler pool with their parents or guardians! This water is heated at a lower temperature so it’s perfect for little ones who may not yet be able to swim on their own.

Rehabilitation Program

Do you have an injury that restricts your mobility? The rehabilitation program in Ryde area has got you covered- they offer different programs such as aqua fitness, aquatic therapy, physio therapy etc. These might help get back into shape after recovering from surgery or something like that!

Family Swim Nights

Looking to mix up the activities? Family swim nights are on the weekends at different times throughout the day – some of them even offer prizes so it’s always an added bonus when your family comes together. They also have slides with water cannons that can be fun to play around in too. So grab your spouse, kids and friends- there’s never been a better time than this to plan a getaway from home!

Regardless of the water activity you’re interested in, Ryde Aquatic Centre has got you covered!