Packing and Storage Services

Packing can be such an intricate task, especially if there is a lot to pack. You will need the necessary packing materials and an area to store all the packed items. It can be such a hassle if you have a busy schedule. The packing process may take several days to complete and if your scheduled move is already near, you might not be ready for it. Fortunately, there are companies today that offer storage services to people who simply cannot find the time to pack their own belongings.

Storage services include storing the items in boxes. There are specific boxes that are used to store different things. For heavy items, such as books, carpets, and kitchenware, small boxes are used for an easy lifting. Large boxes are recommended for storing light items such as pillows, clothes, and small utensils. Professional storage services avoid the use of garbage bags to store items as they could damage or alter their condition after some time. In packing large items such as bed frames, bookshelves, and chairs, a disassembly has to be made. The storage unit provider can safely dismantle them and then reassemble them once they get to their destination.

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If you’re moving in a day, you might just dump your clothes in a box and then pull them all out at the other end. However, long term storage experts say it’s important to use hanging wardrobe bags to ensure air flow around your clothes, keep them crease fee and ensure nothing is damaged when it comes time to unpack (especially if you’re partial to clothing with zippers, spikes, sequins or other items known to catch on other fabrics). 

If you need a place where you can temporarily store your belongings, a storage facility from a storage unit provider should suit you. Self-storage facilities are quite common in urban areas where many homeowners no longer have enough space in their homes to store new items. In choosing a self storage facility, you need one that has a durable gate or fence surrounding it. It is needed to ensure that your stored belongings are safe from possible theft.

Another layer of protection is video surveillance. It will ensure that an intruder is identified and apprehended in case of a break in.  One more layer of security can be the presence of employees 24 by 7. Even if the facility is closed at night, having a person will help to deter potential shenanigans. 

In storage delicate items, the service of professionals is required. You may damage your own belongings if you attempt to do it on your own. Professional movers can safely transport your fragile belongings to a storage area. They use protective plastic wraps to make sure that dents and scratches are avoided during the move.

When it comes to knowing how to store a piano, enlisting the help of professional piano removalists is highly-recommended at this point. You can irreparably damage your piano during transit, and professionals will help to greatly reduce this risk of damage. However, if you want to move your piano yourself, follow the most appropriate process below. 

Safety is always important in every move and storage service. It is never wise to rely on a service provider that only provides minimal security. Storage facilities should always be safeguarded all the time. A reliable facility should be able to handle harsh weather conditions. All the stored units should also be sealed and secured in place until you decide to move them out to your new place.

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