Tips and Ideas for Packing Glass and Fragile Items when Moving

It’s quite stressful when packing up fine china, glass and such other fragile items when moving from one home to another. Some people use heavy boxes, crates, newspapers and bubble wraps when packing such items. Whatever material you opt to use to package fragile items, read on through this article for tips and ideas on how to package glass safely.

Only Use Appropriate Packaging Materials

Avoid storing fragile items together with blocky or heavy items. When moving, such large items may shift back and forth, and such movement may shatter delicate glass or crack fragile electronics. Always store glass items together and you may use multiple packing boxes that are filled with packing material. You can use packing materials such as:
  1. Newspapers

Newspapers are recyclable, biodegradable and readily available. They may be used for wrapping bowls and plates or stuffing inside fragile cups and vases. Ensure you cover the entire glass and use extra newspaper sheets to fill all empty spaces within the packing box. However, newspaper is not the most ideal packing material when it comes to packing electronic items.
  1. Bubble Wraps

Although bubble wraps are non-biodegradable, they are flexible and lightweight, making them ideal for wrapping electronics. They are also ideal for stuffing empty spaces to offer more support and cushioning.
  1. Packing Peanuts

Packing peanuts are usually made using Styrofoam. They are somewhat messy and are not categorized as eco-friendly. Nevertheless, they can assist in filling up empty spaces in packing boxes just like how you would use other packing materials. They are ideal for adding cushioning within the box instead of engulfing your valuables with them. If you have concerns regarding the environment, go for eco-friendly starch peanuts. Note that you can combine these packing materials and you are not really restricted to one choice. Combining them may reduce the chances of breaking fragile items during your move.

Preparing Against Weather

In case you are planning to move during winter, note that extreme cold temperature may make glass more brittle. Thus, you should pack glass more thoroughly when moving during winter or combine more packaging supplies to enhance the overall safety of the fragile items. Get the help of a local glass company if required. In case you will be moving during the rainy season, ensure that the packing materials will not get wet. In this case, Styrofoam peanuts and bubble wraps will be the best choice. Eco-friendly starch peanuts and newspaper would not be ideal for packing during a rainy season and may fall apart, thereby leading to poor cushioning of glass items. It is good to note about road conditions when moving. In case there is heavy snowing, a moving van will often brake and turn. Snow makes roads slippery and the van may slide back and forth, thereby increasing the chances of your items breaking. When packing the items into a moving van, ensure boxes containing glasses are well secured and no heavy boxes are placed on them. Secure them properly such that they won’t slide back and forth or fall when moving.

The Packing Box Matters

You may try using a cardboard wine case to move glass. These cases are usually divided into various sections within them. They are specially designed to offer support to the ever fragile glass items. Hence, you can take advantage of these wine cases during your move. You may also consider other boxes that have heavy bottoms or thick walls. Such boxes minimize tipping over and add support during a move. As you pack the box, non-fragile belongings should go at the bottom while boxes with glass should be stored on top. Ensure you pack glass items together but always avoid over packing them. Some space should be left on the top such that you may fill the space with extra packing supplies. If you are not sure about the safety of your glass items, you can check with professional movers for assistance with the best packing supplies for your items.