Reasons why Greenwich, Is A Good Place To Raise Kids

image by sydneyimages.com.au

Greenwich is one of the best neighbourhoods to live in for families. Its population as of August 2016 was 18462 with 49% being aged between 0-14 years old (or school-age). This suburb also has a high number of families living here which helps to keep it safe for children! – Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics Census Data 2001 & 2011.

The median age for residents in this suburb is 34 years old, meaning that there are few elderly people compared to other areas around Sydney.

Raising a family in Greenwich, NSW is more than just about the schools, it’s also about all of the other things that make this suburb such a great place to live. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider raising your children in this suburb.

There are plenty of parks and playgrounds nearby

Playgrounds are in plenty of the parks and there are numerous options for kids to play, explore or just enjoy being outside.

There’s a wide range of sporting facilities available

Kids will grow up with a real sense of belonging in Greenwich because they can participate at all levels of sport – no matter what their skill level is! This suburb also has plenty of parkland that makes it ideal for sports like soccer, cricket, football and netball.

You’ll never be short on food outlets nearby

Between supermarkets like Woolworths & Coles right down to places where you can grab a coffee from Starbucks or one of your favourite fast-food chains, parents won’t ever have an excuse not to feed the family. There’s even some great Greek restaurants if you’re looking for some new cuisine.

There’s plenty of education available nearby

Greenwich is home to the University of Western Sydney, a number of local schools and even TAFE colleges so kids will have access to years worth of learning opportunities right on their doorstep! Also, there are plenty of after school programs for kids to enjoy.

The Streets are Safe

With police stations and the Greenwich-Londonderry Neighbourhood Centre nearby, kids will be able to enjoy some of their childhood without worrying about safety.Also, there are many parks and green spaces in this area which will keep them entertained on weekends.

There are affordable family homes

The suburb also has a variety of quality family homes at different prices- this makes it easier when you want to move into the area or if you have a growing family who need some extra room. For example, you can fin ad beautiful new home on the market for $500,000 and still have plenty of space to grow into.

Greenwich has a good mix of suburb living that will suit any family’s needs- from affordable areas with parks nearby or higher priced homes in quieter streets. This town also has an excellent education system which is one of its many benefits. There are so many reasons why Greenwich could be your next place to raise a family!