Reasons Why You Should Move to Northmead, NSW

image by wikimedia.org

Northmead is a neighbourhood in Parramatta, New South Wales. It’s one of the northern suburbs that adjoin Parramatta and shares its postcode. If you’re looking for a new place to live, Northmead might be just what you’re looking for! Here are 10 reasons why it would be worth moving.

The Environment is Welcoming

Northmead has a welcoming environment. It’s full of tree-lined streets and wide-open spaces! The community is also friendly and welcoming to newcomers, which makes it easy for everyone to get settled in quickly.

The Neighbours are Friendly

Northmead has a strong sense of neighbourly values that the residents cherish deeply. They’re always willing to help out with anything they can do – from lending you some sugar or offering you their spare key if yours gets lost while getting your mail, Northmead neighbours will be there for you when you need them most! This means everyone feels right at home here very soon after moving into the neighbourhood.

There Are Plenty Of Schools To Choose From

You’ll find plenty of schools around Northmead within walking distance so you can let your children grow up in a community that values education. It’s been shown to have one of the best performing school districts in NSW, so you’ll be able to raise them with confidence knowing they’ll receive an excellent education and still get plenty of attention from their parents.

There Are Plenty Of Parks To Go To And Lots Of Green Space

Northmead is full of parks perfect for picnics or just relaxing on a nice sunny day! The natural environment will also make it easier for everyone to stay healthy as there are lots more green spaces than other neighbourhoods offer – making Northmead great for those who enjoy doing outdoor activities such as jogging, cycling, skating or going out bushwalking. You won’t regret moving here!

The Community Is Safe And Secure

Crime rates are low in Northmead, which means your family can feel secure living here. There’s also plenty of active neighbourhood watch groups who work hard to keep an eye on things and make sure everyone is safe at all times. The local police station even has a strong presence as there’s always someone there to help with any problems that may come up.

Parking Is Easy To Find And Reliable

You won’t have to worry about finding parking in Northmead NSW because there are plenty of places where you can leave your car and be sure it’ll still be there when you get back. This is especially great for those who spend a lot of time at work or school as it means they can do their day without worrying about where their vehicle will end up! The street lights also stay on all night so drivers don’t need to fear walking home after dark.