The ultimate guide to the Ryde Bridge in NSW 2112

Ryde Bridge is one of the most iconic bridges in Sydney. It was built to connect the Northern Beaches and North Shore, but it’s so much more than just a bridge! This article will explore everything you need to know about Ryde Bridge.

Did you know that this bridge was designed by Sir Ralph Freeman? He also designed other famous bridges such as Tower Bridge in London and Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

image by wikimedia.org


This bridge located in Ryde is over 550 metres long! It’s got a width of 16 metres and it stands at a height of 45 meters above water level. At this point, you might be wondering why there are gaps between the pylons – well that’s because they were designed for trains (we’ll come back to that later).

Built-in features include pedestrian walkways with safety barriers which give people easy access to each side of the bridge when crossing or walking near the guard railings. There are also these spiky things called ‘fender piles’ which act as a barrier between the vehicles and pedestrians.

As you walk across this bridge, you may notice that it doesn’t have any railings. It’s got enough space for people to walk on either side of the road (although not at the same time). And look! There are lights which provide great visibility during nighttime hours too!

The length of Ryde Bridge is 990 metres long, or 2,990 feet. That’s almost three quarters of a mile long!

There are many ways to get on and off the bridge, including bike lanes on both sides, pedestrian walkways on both sides and bus stops with buses going both ways.

The bridge is only one lane wide, which allows for more space on the roads and less congestion.

Why visit this bridge?

There are many reasons to visit this bridge, including:

  • Experience the design of a famous architect
  • Take in some spectacular views, especially at night when it is lighted up!
  • Cross the bridge to explore both sides. There are many shops and restaurants on either side as well as beaches and parks.
  • Get a birds-eye view of Sydney Harbour!
  • The bridge is a hub for many events, so it’s always bustling with people.

It is only one lane wide for less congestion – perfect for biking or walking across. The pedestrian walkways are separated by safety barriers and there are no railings between traffic lanes and pedestrians- making crossing safe but adventurous! There is plenty of parking available near Ryde Bridge as well as public transport options such as trams, buses, trains etc., if you want to explore more of what Sydney has to offer.