Things That Make Putney A Good Place To Live

Putney NSW is a neighbourhood of Ryde in New South Wales, Australia. It has all the amenities of a suburb, but without the hustle and bustle that comes with living in a city. This means that you can enjoy Putney’s natural beauty while still having access to entertainment and other urban conveniences. Here are things that make Putney a great place to live:

The people

Putney is home to lots of friendly Australians who will be happy to show you around! They are also always willing to lend a hand when you need it.

The climate

image by wikimedia.org

Putney is situated in the temperate zone, so temperatures are moderate and suitable for year-round outdoor activities. This makes Putney perfect for people of all ages who want to enjoy life outdoors!


Public transportation can take you into Sydney if you don’t mind getting out of your car from time to time. The train station will get you anywhere in New South Wales. There’s even bus service that takes residents within four kilometres or less on specified routes until late at night (11:00 PM). If cycling is more your style there are plenty of bike paths around town too. All told, Putney has everything needed for convenient travel.

The schools

Putney has a mix of public and private schooling for all ages. There are two primary schools, three high schools, one co-educational Catholic school (St Patrick’s), and several international private institutions. The libraries have books on just about anything you can imagine to help out with your studies while the swimming pools will make sure that everyone stays in shape!

Estate living (condominiums)

Putney is made up of many condos so there’s no shortage of space or privacy here. You may be able to find an affordable place near transportation routes if you’re looking for somewhere more central but don’t want to deal with big city traffic every day. A condo provides all the amenities needed without the burden of upkeep and responsibility.

The parks

Putney is home to many beautiful green spaces that are perfect for relaxing, playing sports, or just taking in the scenery. The Royal National Park sits on Putney’s northern border so you can enjoy a great day out with friends while still being close by when it comes time to go home! This means there’s never any shortage of things to do around town either since locals spend their days outdoors enjoying nature instead of cooped up inside all day long.