4 Ways to Have a Fun-Filled Day at Ryde District Heritage Centre in NSW

image by historicrydesociety.com

Ryde District Heritage Centre is a family-friendly attraction, and offers something for everyone. Whether you’re looking to explore our fascinating history or enjoy some fun activities for the kids, Ryde District Heritage Centre has it all! From interactive exhibits to historical sites, there’s just no way you can have a boring day here. Some of the ways you can make your trip to this place memorable include:

1) Take a tour of our historic buildings with knowledgeable guides who will tell you about life in this part of Sydney many years ago.

The guides will take you inside the 1842 St George’s Church, as well as our other heritage buildings and tell you all about who used to live there. You’ll find out how they lived their lives in Ryde District Heritage Centre back then, from what kind of clothes people wore to the different jobs that were available.

You can also explore our historic gardens on a self-guided tour! They’re full of interesting plants and flowers for everyone to enjoy – including native Australian species which are found nowhere else in Sydney!

2) Have some lunch at an on-site cafe

The cafe offers a wide range of delicious and unique meals. You’re bound to find something that you’ll love, whether it’s one of the traditional pies or a Lebanese dish – they’ve got all sorts on offer!

You can also enjoy some tasty ice-cream at the café too. It tastes even better with toppings available such as hot fudge sauce, chocolate sprinkles or whipped cream.

3) Catch exhibitions or displays before they close (they change regularly!)

We have a number of exhibitions and displays that you can enjoy. The Ryde District Heritage Centre is home to the only exhibition in Sydney dedicated to Aboriginal history, with artefacts from across the region on display – it’s not something you’ll find anywhere else!

The museum has an extensive collection of old toys too! You can explore everything from dolls houses to rocking horses or action men. There are so many toys for kids (or adults) who still love playing with their childhood favourites!

4) Take some time out and relax on the lawns in beautiful gardens

We have some of the most amazing gardens in Sydney, filled with a wide range of plants and flowers. You can even enjoy your lunch on gorgeous lawns while taking in the natural beauty all around you!

The garden is also home to many sculptures that showcase different styles from across centuries – they’re always an intriguing sight for visitors who are looking for something unique to see at Ryde District Heritage Centre.

There really is no better place than Ryde District Heritage Centre when it comes to fun days out in Sydney!”